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Synonyms for elope

Synonyms for elope

run away secretly with one's beloved


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Summary: A Lebanese man who reportedly kidnapped his young niece was arrested Wednesday, a day after a video emerged in which the 14-year-old said she had willingly eloped and had been in a relationship with her aunt's husband for over a year.
Ken and Dot Yale eloped when they were young to Gretna Green, top, and their story was featured in the papers when the couple returned to mark their 25th wedding anniversary, above and right.
The woman's brother eloped with a married woman and she was forced to marry her new sister-in-law's former husband.
27 ( ANI ): The death of a 28-year-old, man who was allegedly killed in by his in-laws, angered at the insult to their 'honour' after their daughter eloped with him, has caused outrage across the country.
Missing" status was a secondary outcome; a child who eloped and had gone missing long enough to cause concern was coded as missing, whereas those who had not were coded as non-missing.
Summary: Pictures of runaway schoolgirl Megan Stammers and her maths teacher on board a ferry as they eloped to France have been released.
A MESSAGE was sent to a friend of runaway teenager Megan Stammers saying she had arrived in France after she is believed to have eloped with her maths teacher, it was disclosed last night.
It is believed the pair - who met at the Bishop Bell School in East Sussex - eloped following an online confession Forrest is thought to have made on his blog.
They eloped and got married last week before returning home to make peace with their families, Kusan said.
Like their great grandma Eve, who eloped with Adam from Paradise, these two women, who happen to be Copts, apparently broke with their Coptic husbands and eloped with Muslim men.
the need to adequately respond once a youth has eloped.
Summary: Controversy raged in Yemen after a Jewish bride deserted her Jewish groom and eloped with a Muslim she married last week after converting to Islam to the shock of her relatives and clan.
VIEW ESCAPE ROUTE Dog Leap Stairs linking The Side with the Castle Garth in Newcastle, the reputed route of Bessie Surtees as she eloped with her baron lover in the late 1700s, seen through the lens of The Journal's Simon Hobson.
Whereas 25% of the eloped psychiatric patients cited substance abuse, an equal proportion had asked to see a psychiatrist.
The tales range from narratives of feuding wives to a Ukrainian defector from the Soviet army struggling to survive, eloped lovers, and much more.