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of or relating to the art of public speaking

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(used of style of speaking) overly embellished

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The Jewish Chronicle also reported on the main assemblies of the JMIS, such as quarterly meetings (first, half-yearly, and third) and elocutionary entertainment evenings.
Si lo es en Inglaterra, cuando el Elocutionary Movement revitaliza el uso de dicho termino: encontramos, entre otros muchos ejemplos, los Elements of Orthoepy de Robert Nares, publicados en 1784 (cfr.
that met weekly for purposes of improvement in debate, reading and criticising essays, in elocutionary readings, and in the reading of a weekly paper edited by some of the members" and delivered several lectures himself (104-5).
40) But it is clear from the often positive responses his lectures received during this first series that Coleridge rediscovered his own elocutionary and theatrical powers.
Harrison finds that the syntactical properties of punctuation are separable from, and indeed more important than, their elocutionary properties.
The fact that the actor that performs the elocutionary performative act has the power to institutionalize meaning in connection to that particular performative (regardless of the veritable character of the concept in question) makes the use of these performatives quite effective.
Astington explains the differences (and interactions and mergers) between singing schools that happened to include dramatic pieces, academic institutions that used drama for rhetorical and elocutionary training, and dedicated centers for training young actors.
Her argument rests on the claim, made boldly and persuasively, that Thelwall's later elocutionary strategies are of a piece with his earlier political radicalism.
At 10 or 11, I seemed to have very little difficulty memorizing such set anthology pieces as "Lead, Kindly Light," "The Beggar Maid," and "A Psalm of Life," but the Tagore song proved exceptionally difficult because of one line there whose length, even to this day, defies my logical or elocutionary sense: "Where the clear stream of reason/has not lost its way into the dreary desert sand of dead habit.
Finally, when dealing with the elocutionary movement, Gaillet continues to focus on studies that foreground the American experience.
Wierzbicka (1986) concludes in her study of Australian English that "linguistic phenomena such as expressive derivations, elocutionary devices, and speech act verbs are related to the literature on the Australian society, national character, history, and culture" (p.
The Irish stage actor Thomas Sheridan's prosodic criticism, Lectures on the Art of Reading (the second part, The Art of Reading Verse, first published in 1775), where he advocates the elocutionary use of a natural language of the heart, influenced Jefferson's notation of the Declaration of Independence as well as Whitman's idea of oratory and his scoring of the page on the page, a scoring that similarly imagines vocalization as performing political power.
McGuffey's younger brother added a Rhetorical Guide, later developed into the Fifth and Sixth Readers, (16) with the Fifth containing canonical selections and elocutionary exercises, and the Sixth stressing composition; all appear equivalent to contemporary high school students'.
At every concert, an "announcer" accompanied Lois and Weldon onto the platform and, in a pompous, elocutionary style, spoke the name of each selection before it was sung, accompanied by a brief summary, in Russian, of the lyrics, despite a printed program being provided.
Following the Editors' Introduction, Judith Thompson provides an essay that is itself semi-introductory, on John Thelwall's project of freeing the human tongue from 'the Bastille in one's mouth' through his elocutionary theories that inform, among other things, his interventions as a radical orator.