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Volunteer Ken Haydock, from Bolton, who made the discovery with Jill Mills, said: "It was a lovely sunny morning and we were searching the elm trees by the River Tweed at Lennel when Jill called me over.
Lastly, Milverton House, also on North Parade, is awarded seventh in the UK Small hotels category and 21st in the UK for Best Service Lynnette Esposito, owner of The Elm Tree Hotel said: "Hospitality is about personalising every guest experience and exceeding expectations.
Most of these youths were not from the Elm Tree area and officers saw parents dropping kids off there.
Regular pruning, outside the ban period, is great for keeping elm trees healthier and less vulnerable to all types of diseases, including DED.
This winter, researchers will take a high-tech approach to ensuring the genetic heritage of that elm tree.
It just so happens that we were debating about who we would have as the 2014 nominated charity for the Angel, John Duck and Elm Tree at that time.
The elm tree can be a metaphor for us as we develop our narrative for making visitors' interactions with our sites relevant.
There are few images that evoke New England's stately past better than the magnificent elm trees that used to grace so many of our cities and towns.
Come on you Lib Dems, listen to the voters, otherwise your prospect of staying in power will be destroyed like that elm tree.
The Elm Research Institute (ERI), a New Hampshire-based nonprofit organization dedicated to restoring the American elm tree, is encouraging communities to honor the birth of freedom in the United States with a "Liberty Tree" Memorial.
Three small trees were cultivated at Pershore College after being grown from cuttings taken from a healthy elm tree found near Great Comberton.
In my back yard, in the shade of a massive elm tree, I have a seven-foot tall Fuchsia magellanica thicket, with red orange tubular flowers.
An elm tree which has stood in Newcastle city centre grounds for more than a century was felled yesterday because of Dutch elm disease.
The Elm tree is also associated with Tuesday, a lucky day for those born under this Celtic Zodiac sign.
Twenty-seven years ago, I had a Dutch elm tree on our farm in Orange Country, Ind.