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The bush of wild cherries behind the elm tree was in full bloom and had not yet begun to shed its blossoms, and the nightingales--one quite near at hand and two or three others in the bushes down by the river--burst into full song after some preliminary twitters.
The wych elm tree near Allt y Benglog National Nature Reserve (NNR) at Rhydymain, Dolgellau, was the UK's only known host of Biatoridium monasteriense lichen.
A wych elm tree near Allt y Benglog National Nature Reserve, at Rhydymain, Dolgellau, was the only known host in the UK to a particular colony of lichen.
A team from Stockton's Elm Tree BC won the Durham Centenary Trophy with victories over Church Warsop (89-79) and former champions Jarrow Borough (110-88) before rallying from a 17 shot defecit in the final to defeat Warboys BC 88-82.
The Angel Pub Group, which operates the Angel, John Duck and Elm Tree, has picked the charity which offers screening and promotes health among young people.
CFP, Elm Tree Capital LLC, has been chosen as one of Boston's Five Star Wealth Managers for 2014.
A HOUSEBUILDER which prides itself on designing and building award-winning homes to meet and exceed customer expectations has now enhanced a much-loved house type at its Keresley development, Elm Tree Copse, in Coventry.
Margaret Crosses on the stump of a giant elm tree outside St.
He selected a mature isolated Siberian elm tree on the short-grass prairie of eastern Colorado as his subject.
Efforts to revive the elm tree, through the use of hybrid, disease-resistant varieties, are well under way and beginning to take hold.
What fuels my doubt about the council is the cutting down of the 100-year-old elm tree without permission in exactly the position the new bridge was to be built.
The Elm Research Institute (ERI), a New Hampshire-based nonprofit organization dedicated to restoring the American elm tree, is encouraging communities to honor the birth of freedom in the United States with a "Liberty Tree" Memorial.
Three small trees were cultivated at Pershore College after being grown from cuttings taken from a healthy elm tree found near Great Comberton.
In my back yard, in the shade of a massive elm tree, I have a seven-foot tall Fuchsia magellanica thicket, with red orange tubular flowers.
An elm tree which has stood in Newcastle city centre grounds for more than a century was felled yesterday because of Dutch elm disease.