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Biology of the invasive banded elm bark beetle (Coleoptera: Scolytidae) in the western United States.
Evaluation of insecticides for control of the smaller European elm bark beetle.
The banded elm bark beetle affects elms and autumn olive--among other plants.
They had simply not been attacked by the elm bark beetle that spreads the disease.
And, so many dead or dying elms mean new breeding sites for the Lesser European elm bark beetle.
2008); and a- and b-cadinene are known attractants for the European elm bark beetle, Scolytus multistriatus (Marsham), a vector of Dutch elm disease (Millar et al.
The fungus is carried on the back of the elm bark beetle, which is harmless to the elm tree by itself.
The project team will study the ecology of the elm bark beetle (Scolytus multistriatu - vector of the disease) and eastablish the DNA provenance of the Dutch Elm Disease pathogen on Gotland.
Winter pruning also avoids attracting elm bark beetles, which can spread Dutch elm disease.
The elm bark beetles that can carry DED are most active during this time of year, and fresh cuts from pruning can attract the insects to healthy elm trees.
In "vascular wilts" like Dutch elm disease caused by Ophiostoma ulmi that was considered to be spread throughout Europe, Central Asia and North America and transported by various elm bark beetles of genus Scolytus (Lanier and Peacock, 1981; Brasier, 1987).
The disease is spread by elm bark beetles which enter the tree via mature stems.
The elm bark beetles that spread the disease are most active at this time, and fresh cuts can attract them to healthy trees.
The disease is spread by the elm bark beetles which enters the tree via mature stems.