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the property possessed by a round shape that is flattened at the poles


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The interrelation between Rayleigh waves and the HVSR can be shown on the basis of comparison between the HVSR and an ellipticity curve.
4, the hodographs of this magnetic field are close to a circle, so that the coefficients of the ellipticity of the soil are equal to unity, and hence this MF is strongly polarized.
The protein stability against heat denaturation in the absence and the presence of 6-shogaol was also examined using CD spectroscopy by recording the ellipticity value at 222 nm ([CD.
2] Otolith width (OW) Aspect ratio = OL/OW Ellipticity = (OL-OW)/(OL+OW) Table 2 Results, at 3 spatial scales, of hypothesis testing on univariate shape indices of otoliths from female southern flounder (Paralichthys lethostigma) that were collected in 1996 and in 2009-12 in state waters in 2 basins, the South Atlantic (North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida) and the Gulf of Mexico (Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Texas), as part of state or federal agency sampling programs and from seafood dealers.
The collected data was imported into Microsoft Excel and the CD spectra were plotted in terms of molar ellipticity versus wavelength.
Rosin, "Measuring shape: ellipticity, rectangularity, and triangularity," Machine Vision and Applications, vol.
The ellipticity of the Earth's orbit varies with a major period of some 400,000 years.
When NASA and the British Royal Astronomical Society wanted to better calculate the 3-D ellipticity of 2-D images of galaxies (a step necessary to detect dark matter), they were constrained by budgetary considerations.
At this point, the analysis (filtering and inversion) of the Rayleighwave ellipticity gain importance, because Sexton et al.
In order to clearly demonstrate the optical activity of the polarization rotator, polarization azimuth rotation angle [theta] and ellipticity [eta] are calculated by the following formulas [37]
These radiation patterns of antennas for WiMAX and WLAN were not stable and the ellipticity of the azimuthal plane is too high [9, 10].
214 are determined by ellipticity of unperturbed (Keplerian) orbit, whereas the terms with coefficients 1.
Size descriptor Shape indexes Area (A) Circularity = P2/A Perimeter (P) Squareness = A/(Fl x Fw) Feret weight (Fw) Form-Factor = (4pi x A)/P2 Feret length (Fl) Roundness = (4A)/(pi x Fl2) Ellipticity = (Fl - Fw)/(Fl + Fw) Table 2.
While the ellipticity defines the difference of polarization state of transmitted waves and incident waves, which can be expressed as [eta] = arctan[([absolute value of [T.