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Synonyms for elliptical

Synonyms for elliptical

characterized by extreme economy of expression or omission of superfluous elements


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The second is using the probability distortion functions approach to derive a closed-form solution of a call option price when the underlying is elliptically distributed.
6) Yet even if the spectral voice of Synge was entirely her ventriloquization, it displays an uncanny awareness of the various private strains which marked the transactions of the Co-Directors; strains registered only elliptically in texts published by 1914, and only indirectly observed by all but their closest colleagues.
The InfoStream multichannel raceway features a unique, elliptically shaped profile that offers both a sleek appearance and also helps absorb the shock if the raceway is inadvertently struck.
It is also worth noting that although da Silva's spoken dialogue is quoted elliptically and with several errors, the sung text (three recitatives and a duet) is almost exactly as in the original.
Askew elliptically argues: Neither I or any other women have "offended the lawe" (as the chancellor himself attests).
Oral traditions were available to him, were used elliptically, and were known to his audience; but they were not identical with anything preserved in the Pentateuch and its sources.
This poem elliptically associates "wanton Tyranny," which "enslave[s] the [colonial] land," with the "tyrannic" kidnapping experienced by the poet as a child, an experience which fostered her "love of Freedom" (83).
Phrased less elliptically, Dasein is what finds itself in a world of beings-literally.
There are two basic configurations: the VB Line C is for wraparound labelling and the VB Line E is for labelling rectangular or elliptically shaped products with multiple labels.
By using Autodesk Inventor software, LNLS was able to design the Elliptically Polarizing Undulator (EPU), which featured nearly 15,800 parts divided into 5,560 standardized machinery elements, with 453 non-repeated parts inside the assembly.
Moreover, the image demonstrates that crystallites grow spherically and not elliptically as often reported [22], suggesting that the applied shear flow during processing has no influence on the crystallization of PP.
9) In fact, VaR is only subadditive in the restrictive case where the loss distribution is elliptically distributed, and this is of limited consolation because most real-world loss distributions are not elliptical ones.
The key is four independently driven wheels, each with elliptically shaped rollers around its circumference.
11) His refusal to prioritize between, say, considerations of racial identity and those of artistic production has at times made his work seem reticent in the extreme-- hence the slightly embarrassed tone of some commentators, one of whom has written that Pendleton operates "most conceptually and elliptically.
Dielectric's MobileMedia antenna series includes slotted coaxial, panel, and stripline antennas that can be horizontally, vertically, circularly, or elliptically polarized and customized.