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Synonyms for elliptical

Synonyms for elliptical

characterized by extreme economy of expression or omission of superfluous elements


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The rural Middenbeemster males do have significantly more elliptically shaped tibiae compared to the urban Alkmaar and the rural Klaaskinderkerke males.
2] and [theta] [not equal to] 0, or [theta] [not equal to] [pi], the outgoing wave is proved to be elliptically polarized [18,19].
Our previous research [14] has estimated that in comparison with the widely used rectangular radiation elements, elliptically shaped radiation elements are able to enhance the frequency bandwidth of the antenna due to their smooth and broad configuration.
The mole, the linnet and the squirrel elliptically fulfil the eligibility.
It is well known from the literature that time-harmonic magnetic fields generated by electric power systems are elliptically polarized as they are generated by three phase currents varying all at the same frequency.
I'm sure there were times I was very aware of not being like others," he said, elliptically.
Griaule and Dieterlen's work makes clear that the large and bright Sirius star is not so important to the Dogon as the tiny white dwarf, Sirius B, that elliptically orbits Sirius itself.
Christofias on July 15 apologized elliptically for the explosion.
Similarly, the elliptically shaped control provides a reduction of the Pinch Valve opening time by up to 50%, which is a positive maintenance factor as a faster opening time induces greater wear of the elastomer sleeve.
said Aidan O'Brien, elliptically, while simultaneously maintaining a glint in his eye, juggling a number of exciting options and receiving his prize from Martin Clunes, who was presumably appearing as the badly behaving man's alternative to assorted dukes, earls and minor royals.
In between the elliptically written scenes, there are a series of dances and disquisitions upon matters that arise.
The arrivals of linearly or elliptically polarized waves can be detected using spectral matrix analysis [17].
He spoke only elliptically, saying, "If one day I reach the conclusion that the Central Bank has lost its independence, that will be the day I resign from this job.