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Synonyms for elliptical

Synonyms for elliptical

characterized by extreme economy of expression or omission of superfluous elements


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A modified mechanically braked elliptical trainer was used for the EAT (Precor Experience series EFX 576i, Precor, Inc.
The change in each variable due to elliptical exercise was calculated in this fashion.
On a treadmill, keep up or be thrown off; on an elliptical, the manual propulsion means you set the intensity moment to moment.
Trevor Gazes, a 21-year-old UO senior and philosophy major, was just as confident after he finished his elliptical workout.
If on note the elliptical wheels semi-axis with r and R, then the vibration limits of the angular speed are: [[omega].
It has been demonstrated in Owen and Rabinovitch (1983) and again, in Ingersoll (1987), that relaxing this normality assumption into the wider class of elliptical distributions preserves the result in (1).
Elliptical jet is an intermediate configuration between the two simple, and extensively, asymptotic geometries circular and plane jets, although the existence of two geometrical length scales (major and minor axis planes) make it more complicated.
After learning about the new supernovas, Immler encouraged researchers to reexamine other elliptical galaxies that have undergone recent mergers.
With an exhibition title, "Si je t'oublie Paris" (If I Forget Thee, Paris), that evokes the Old Testament, and Faulkner as well, through a simple change of scene--Paris replacing Jerusalem--Bruno Perramant brings to the fore something salient to his work: a system of elliptical references that shuttles between history (artistic, intellectual, religious) and contemporary reality, between memory and the present--a constant circulation, real and metaphorical.
As there are countless box-like modern churches, one assumes he is referring to its elliptical interior.
The Universal Motion Rectangular Separator features a patented drive that can produce round, linear or elliptical motion.
SBIRS (Space Based Infrared System) HIGH -- The SAR was submitted to report schedule slips of nine months (from May 2003 to February 2004) for the Highly Elliptical Orbit (HEO) Sensor 1 Delivery and 10 months (from November 2004 to September 2005) for the HEO Message Certification.
Pressurizing one opposing piston pair causes the band and vanes to take on an elliptical shape that alters the volume of the adjacent chambers, and drives the rotor.
This otoscopic view of a left ear demonstrates an elliptical perforation immediately posterior to the malleus and hemorrhage involving the anterior portion of the pars tensa.
I had two other fainter galaxies in the same shot,another elliptical NGC 3384 and a spiral NGC 3389.