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(of a leaf shape) in the form of an ellipse

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characterized by extreme economy of expression or omission of superfluous elements


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In section II-C the CFTA-based new active only grounded-C third-order VM elliptic low-pass filter and its optimized circuit solution are presented.
At R = [infinity] and equal coefficients (9) the elliptic sphere transforms into the Euclidean plane and Pythagoras' theorem begins to rule again (4).
Also we see that for n [greater than or equal to] 4 the element [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] is regular elliptic in [GAMMA](n, n, [infinity]; k) with k [less than or equal to] n - 1 and it is unipotent in [GAMMA](n, n, [infinity]; n).
This paper provides a new look at the efficiency of various cryptographic elliptic curves.
Christopher Steed, Managing Director of Paladin Capital Group, will join Elliptics board of directors together with Octopus Ventures, and Santander InnoVentures will join as a board observer.
First, we assume that the parameters of the SM2 elliptic curve public key algorithms include GF(p), E, G, p and q.
Rather than using relatively straightforward modular multiplication or exponentiation to relate the values within a cyclic group, elliptic curve cryptography (ECC) is based on the group of modulo n points that lie on a curve typically described as [Y.
Cirstea presents this mathematics paper on the local behavior of solutions to semilinear elliptic equations.
The professors found that the tool, known as the "Extended Random" extension for secure websites, could help crack a version of RSA's Dual Elliptic Curve software tens of thousands of times faster, according to an advance copy of their research shared with Reuters.
Elliptic co-founder Tom Robinson said that one of the main concerns people have with Bitcoin is that it's quite difficult to store securely and offering people insurance seemed an obvious step.
WOLFSON Microelectronics has agreed a partnership with US firm Elliptic Labs which will see Wolfson's audio chips used in its ultrasonic touchless gesture control technology.
In integral calculus, elliptic integrals originally arose in connection with the problem of giving the arc length of an ellipse.
The double surface [1] has the elliptic and hyperbolic side where the path with its translation and rotation component [2] is provided.
In this paper, the author introduced a new window function using an Elliptical Trigonometric function such as Elliptic Jes function [16-17].
On the other hand, the BPF with elliptic function response is also used widely because of advantages of sharp frequency characteristic and good out-of-band performance.