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Synonyms for ellipsoid

a surface whose plane sections are all ellipses or circles

having the nature or shape of an ellipsoid

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The event point (earth like planet) in the dark region is chosen assuming that it is on an ellipsoid parallel to the ellipsoid that contains the coordinate system (K), with coordinates [x.
Using the same reference ellipsoid and gravimetric system, interpolating gravity values from an existing gravity database and calculating the correction using the algorithm described by formulae (8)-(10) the correction amounts to 1.
It is based on the ellipsoid method which was originally developed by N.
The estimated micelle ellipsoid volume was found to decrease with increasing temperature and/or decreasing SDS fraction.
Aspheric lenses were first described in the early 1900s and Zeiss subsequently produced a famous range called the Katral lenses, which utilised concave ellipsoid surfaces to eliminate oblique astigmatism and reduce pincushion distortion.
Impressive features of the lights designed by Serge Cornelissen are the ellipsoid softened contours, which enhance visual integration in the ceiling.
Ellipsoid particles, however, cause substantial undulation of the air-water interface that in turn induces very strong attractions between the ellipsoids.
My lens, however, was more of an oblate ellipsoid and would not stay in place in my eye if its major axis was horizontal.
Colvocoresses (1974) described the geometry of SOM projection by assuming a cylinder defined by a circular orbit, with the projection surface tangent to the ellipsoid of the earth.
This defines an acceptable CMC color match ellipsoid in color space.
leaf sheaths forming an ellipsoid pseudobulb); leaf blades triangular with an attenuate apex (vs.
A simple geometric observation model and computations can be used in such a space, but application of such polar observations in a space of the global geographical coordinate system is complicated, because we come into collision with the curvilinear coordinate system related to the surface of an ellipsoid.
For example, the variety of neuron shapes found in a wheel-shaped structure called the ellipsoid body "are just amazing," Peng said.
They cover online laboratories, managing optimality in multi-sensor data fusion consistency using intersection and largest ellipsoid algorithms, linking reservation systems for remote labs, a tele-robotic system with a virtual reality human-machine interface, online engineering in a university environment, and an algorithmic perspective on advanced reservation network architectures for scientific applications.