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Synonyms for ellipsoid

a surface whose plane sections are all ellipses or circles

having the nature or shape of an ellipsoid

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Following treatment with steroids, two eyes in our series demonstrated resolution of damage to the ellipsoid layer with improvement in visual acuity.
The following parameters were measured for each truffle species: the length (minimum, maximum and average values) of the major and minor ascospore axes (without ornamentations); the percentage and dimensions of asci with different spore number; the percentage of spherical, sub-spherical and ellipsoid ascospores in 1-, 2-, 3-and 4-spored asci; in the case of T.
The most common pollen shapes were ellipsoid (Plates 7,8,11 and 12) and oblong (Plates 3,4,19 and 20).
In this way we obtain normal height differences by transformation of ellipsoid height differences and height anomalies differences at leveling baseline between points i-j:
pulverulent; TELIOSPORES ellipsoid or clavate, 40-60 x 22.
A separation of the coordinates of the centre of mass of the H atom produces reduced mass p of the system that is distant r from the origin, to supplant distance r between the electron and the atomic nucleus at one centre of the ellipsoid in the limit of infinite nuclear mass.
Sensitivity analysis and prediction of double ellipsoid heat source parameters, Transactions of the China Welding Institution 32(11): 89-91, 95.
The simplest way to calibrate a magnetometer for hard and soft iron distortions is to use ellipsoid fitting algorithm.
Ultrasound of abdomen showed two anechoic ellipsoid cystic structures in the gallbladder (GB) fossa.
The geometric features of a sphere or an ellipsoid have the same characteristics: a fixed center, where the normal stress [[sigma].
Because of that, this article shows an iterative algorithm for searching uncertainty with the concentration ellipsoid model [16, 17].
Datums address the position and orientation or the best-fit ellipsoid and the resulting coordinates.
The smallest volume closing ball or ellipsoid was proposed by Welzl (1991).
The final room contained a lineup of miscellaneous sculptural elements (Untitled, 2014), including wooden racks, vitrines, an ellipsoid wooden balustrade, and pedestals bearing stacked stones, all of which were reflected in a mirror that covered the full surface of the back wall.
Normal gravity values on the reference ellipsoid are obtained from the Helmert 1901 equation: