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Synonyms for ellipsis

omission or suppression of parts of words or sentences


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When a referent has been introduced, subsequent ellipsis is zero anaphora, and such anaphora helps create cohesion.
This paper concerns subject and object ellipsis in Hebrew child language from two perspectives: the conditions that govern subject versus object ellipsis and the distinction between early and late omissions.
Fixed to Danny Lane's 12-metre sculpture, titled Ellipsis Eclipses, the large poster covered one side of the artwork.
Raised beyond the limits of ellipsis is also non-realization, which emerging as another term for Allerton's (1975) indefinite deletion, is nevertheless stripped of any deletionist overtones.
SO, there is still no indication that the vandalism of the Eclipse Ellipsis sculpture in Newcastle is to be brought to an end.
Called Ellipsis Eclipses, the piece is made from more than 1,000 separate components including 12mm thick glass plates, and it will be lifted into place by a crane.
March 17 /PRNewswire/ -- Ellipsis Communications, a leading marketing and lead generation firm, and Downes Designs, an award- winning creative studio, announce the formation of a unique alliance to pool their resources and talent - a move that makes them one of the premier marketing organizations in the area, offering the most comprehensive set of services to ensure the success of marketing campaigns for companies around the region and throughout the country.
It also marks a return to complete abstraction: The aqua ellipsis at its center bears no resemblance to a piece of plastic destined for the fridge.
This funding enables Ellipsis to complete development of its E-1100 (802.
LOOK out for Nuneaton based band The Ellipsis, who are getting talked about for all the right reasons.
I SEE that the vandalism of the Eclipse Ellipsis sculpture outside The Gate entertainment complex in Newcastle continues.
This linguistics monograph investigates the intersection between the modality and ellipsis in English.
The 39ft high piece, called Ellipsis Eclipses, will get pride of place outside The Gate leisure complex in Newgate Street.
Nasdaq: ORCH) and Ellipsis Biotherapeutics Corporation today announced that they have entered into a broad SNP and pharmacogenomics collaboration.
Indeed, there is a curiously elusive quality to her text, which proceeds cumulatively, by means of indirection, ellipsis, and suggestion more than by the elaboration of statements.