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large northern deer with enormous flattened antlers in the male

large North American deer with large much-branched antlers in the male

common deer of temperate Europe and Asia

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Also named was Robert Dubyak, Of Counsel to Elk & Elk.
2 Part II - the purchase of electricity for the institutions and bodies of the City of Elk, Elk County and Municipal Department of Communications Sp.
In neighboring Tennessee, native elk disappeared in the mid-1880s, but now elk are back.
What's also amazing is the fact there are elk to hunt in the Bluegrass State.
They're unconvinced that climate, elk hunting or flooding were decisive.
StayinFront Visual Elk is designed to provide a single CRM platform that can manage and integrate all points of customer interaction including sales, marketing, customer support applications and the Web.
Soon after the studies began, however, Foothills deer and elk began dying from a mysterious disease.
One of my childhood heroes while growing up in the late '50s was a young man who worked every fall as an elk guide in Wyoming.
In 1969, Seth Siegelaub characterized the "general feeling" of the "Attitudes" show as one of "nonchalance," which might serve as well to describe much of what was on view in "Cadillac" (the title, referring to something van Elk remembered seeing thirty-five-odd years ago in LA, is apparently meant to stand for the conflicted impact of the US on the artist).
Upland wooded areas from east to west were burned to remove the undergrowth and increase forage for deer, elk, and bison.
I've seen the claw marks of black bears and trunks pocked by the scratches and gouges of any number of snowshoe hares, elk, and voles.
DALLAS -- ElkCorp (NYSE:ELK) subsidiary Elk Premium Building Products, Inc.
2, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- The personal injury law firm of Elk & Elk is pleased to announce the establishment of an Of Counsel relationship with attorneys Robert Dubyak and Douglas Nelson.