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Synonyms for elitist

Synonyms for elitist

characteristic of or resembling a snob

one who despises people or things regarded as inferior, especially because of social or intellectual pretension


Antonyms for elitist

someone who believes in rule by an elite group

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The elitist hold will break down and the system will be reformed when the society starts debating what wrong with our systems - governance, cities, economic policy making and so on," Dr Haq said.
Groucho took on the pompous, the elitist, the self-satisfied and the oblivious (poor Margaret Dumont).
Elitists and egalitarians are equally susceptible to evaluating people in ways that reinforce their beliefs, said Aquino.
Heraa Khan, a contemporary visual artist from Lahore recorded and captured fragments and impression from the elitist segment of the society around her and reinterpreted them into her work.
We also know that there are further misconceptions about the background of Army officers being elitist.
Addressing a seminar at the Centre for Governance and Policy at Information Technology University titled "Pakistan: An Elitist Economy", he said that provision of loans to poor would improve the quality of government besides dismentling an elitist economy.
CDATA[ Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked may be Israeli democracy's last hope of overthrowing an elitist clique which enjoys all the trappings of a Middle East dictatorship - and that's precisely why the Left are so determined to stop her.
The culture in the Congress has become elitist and arrogance grows from it.
In a new web ad, Republican gubernatorial candidate Tom Pauken criticizes what he calls "an elitist educational system pushing everybody to go to a four-year university.
He's being 100 per cent true to his privileged background and his elitist beliefs.
They will be elitist, ruthlessly and dazzlingly elitist" - Boris Johnson, (pictured) mayor of London.
You go to a lot of countries and golf's not affordable at all and in fact it's a very elitist game still in a lot of parts of the world.
I have sympathy for Russell Youll's opinion that David Cameron's elitist background makes it difficult for him to understand the needs of ordinary people.
THE young writer from Acklam, Thomas Robinson claims he does not want an elitist fee-paying school in Middlesbrough but has he ever stopped to think that there might just be many people who do?
Offering the CBSE International curriculum, The International Indian School, is being positioned as a modern, elitist school with international facilities and resources for academic and extra curricular activities.