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Synonyms for elitist

Synonyms for elitist

characteristic of or resembling a snob

one who despises people or things regarded as inferior, especially because of social or intellectual pretension


Antonyms for elitist

someone who believes in rule by an elite group

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We also know that there are further misconceptions about the background of Army officers being elitist.
Beyond colonialism and nationalism there is an invitation to rethink and redefine the colonial racist history of the conquest-imperialist period as well as the elitist dictatorial nationalist historiography of the populist independence era.
While crediting Scribner with rendering a valuable sociological counterweight to conventional top-down approaches to Reformation history, I view his revisionist construct as also able to benefit from a corrective residing in the elitist tier of his two-tier model, a leading example of which he himself has furnished.
I recently attended a Cymuned meeting and can certify that most of those present were ordinary folk, from all different strands of society, and were far from elitist.
From such an elitist view, it was easy for Jefferson see those of African descent--either from the United States or elsewhere in the hemisphere--as little more than property for exploitation and enslavement.
It is all to do with the snobbish and elitist attitude of the RICS in their outrageous demands.
Besides, if fairness is the issue -- and only in this country would it be in an otherwise totally elitist event like a film festival -- there's always those other festivals out there.
The canon, it was charged, was sexist, elitist, and regressive, prejudiced against women, against blacks, and against the living.
And last night he branded Scots sports chiefs elitist.
Has anyone, by the way, checked the ages of the critics and their mentors lately or their elitist institutional affiliations?
Another board member observed, "The voucher system seems unfair, discriminatory and elitist, as does.
I'm sure it never occurred to one these elitist editors to run a companion piece about how property owners have lost confidence in Housing Court, or how police adamantly refuse to get involved in "landlord-tenant" disputes.
There are also selections that show nastiness (read "A Lunatic or a Traitor" on Marcus Garvey), naivete ("Socialism and the Negro Problem," in which he praises the dictator Stalin) and contrition ("Talented Tenth: A Memorial Address," in which he recants his naive, elitist idea for the uplifting of the race).
Joe Average Citizen takes on a specific topic, the true academic elitist must take an opposite position.
Modi and the likes of him are staring at an elitist bias based on lineage, looks and posh accents, but the Congress should know most Indians relate to the " chaiwallah" and those with humble backgrounds rather than those in ivory towers and with foreign degrees.