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a group or class of persons enjoying superior intellectual or social or economic status

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Talking to media in Gilgit on Sunday, Commissioner Baltistan Divisional Hamza Salik said that two Pak Army helicopters and an elite group of climbers including four polish mountaineers took part in the rescue operation.
The first elite group of governmental entities and multinational companies in the aviation industry joined the 'Future Aviation Lounge' (FAL) supported by Dubai Airport Freezone Authority (Dafza).
Elite Group received investment last year from Recruitment Entrepreneur, a joint venture Mr Caan chairs, and he also became the firm's chairman, offering his help and support to speed up expansion.
The Elite group has always prided itself on innovations especially digital world innovations, which as Aibara said "we had to create ourselves, being a local player".
21 November 2016 - Texas-based hair and skin care products maker Beauty Elite Group has acquired Ohio-based Fuel Hair for an undisclosed amount in a private sale, the company said.
Meanwhile, the first-day meeting of the NSG concluded here with no consensus emerging on India's induction to the elite group so far.
Global Elite Group provides security services for Emirates at eight domestic locations including JFK, LAX, DFW, IAD, SEA, ORD, IAH, and now MCO.
There are media outfits staying with the Elite Group and they are pleasantly surprised at the ground realities when compared with the picture pained earlier," he said.
The elite group will form the backbone of England's selection for the World Cup in 2013 and, in a further fillip for Nathan Brown's Super League roster, five more of his players - new signing Dale Ferguson, Michael Lawrence, Jermaine McGillvary, Larne Patrick and Shaun Lunt - are in the England Knights squad.
Summary: Pamela Anderson has joined an elite group of speakers after talking about vegetarianism at Oxford Union.
It was set up by a cowboy banker to serve an elite group of developers and tycoons who thought they were above the law.
The guaranteed rental investment plan is a result of a tie-up with the well-known Elite Group, who have played a pioneer role in the hospitality industry in Bahrain.
Scholarships will be awarded to the selected applicants of the ELITE group, which will surround them with essential education, networking and resources that will enhance their businesses and their future contribution to entrepreneurial development across the state.
The French new boy at St James' Park hardly had fans singing and dancing in the streets and bars of Newcastle but the man United snapped up from Man City with the clock rapidly approaching midnight on transfer deadline day is in an elite group of the game's superstars.
Gathering an elite group of scholars, religious leaders, scientists, and theorists for the debate of God, The God Symposium carries readers through Cameron's engaging and insightful symposium as intellects drawn from throughout the world only to be faced with the threat of ruined reputations, and even murder.
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