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a group or class of persons enjoying superior intellectual or social or economic status

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In addition to their expansion, Philadelphia Elite Group has recently been awarded a prestigious quarterly award called the "Campaign Cup," a recognition given based on their excellent results and leading statistics working on behalf of telecommunications industry clients.
Global Elite Group provides security services for Emirates at eight domestic locations including JFK, LAX, DFW, IAD, SEA, ORD, IAH, and now MCO.
There are media outfits staying with the Elite Group and they are pleasantly surprised at the ground realities when compared with the picture pained earlier," he said.
Mirza Al Sayegh, Director of the office of Shaikh Hamdan, announced that Peru will join an elite group of countries that include Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay and Uruguay to stage Purebred Arabian races sponsored by Shaikh Hamdan.
Pamela Anderson has joined an elite group of speakers including Winston Churchill the Dalai Lama and Kermit the Frog after talking about vegetarianism at Oxford Union.
This elite group included many powerful members of Government who've proved that when it comes to the banks, they'll to bail out their cronies.
The Elite Group will manage and lease the apartments on behalf of the investors, furnishing and maintaining the property for three years and then handing it back to the owners after the end of this lease.
In fact Sibierski is in an elite group of the world's rich and famous after appearing on MTV's Cribs.
is basically the only industrialized country that doesn't have an elite group of centralized national bureaucrats running the country's education system and forcing many elementary and secondary students on educational tracks that define the rest of their lives--France and Japan being the worst examples.
I am pleased to host this elite group as they visit our great city and witness the success of American capitalism.
Kidd is a member of an elite group of similarly talented hackers.
If you would like to join this elite group of sports medicine professionals, please contact AMAA for more information at 800-776-2732 or visit us at www.
The result would be a single broadcast system, 'operated, programmed--in short, completely dominated--by an elite group of Washington bureaucrats.
On Memorial Day, as we salute all service members for their contributions, we highlight aviation personnel who serve in an elite group, the United States Navy Ceremonial Guard.
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