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omission of a sound between two words (usually a vowel and the end of one word or the beginning of the next)

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a deliberate act of omission

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In a corresponding research note, Koji Furukawa considers the creation of similar jurisdictional elisions in Free Trade Zones in Okinawa.
I have established, so long as establishment is understood as grounds for counterpoint, my frustration at the gaps, the elisions, the excisions, the fact that Feminist discourse seeming does not have much interest in the concept of the Lesbian.
Elisions that are not reflected in the orthography are, however, very common at word junctures, and must be distinguished from those in which both articulations are essential.
The text underlay in the Hallische Handel-Ausgabe does not provide the familiar slur under elided syllables, but indicates elisions by the spacing of the underlay alone.
Elisions, stretti, contractions, prolongations and antiphonal presentations are only some of the devices the composer frequently employs to achieve a pacing that clarifies the overall direction of the melodic trajectory of a piece.
I might as well declare my out-and-out fandom at the outset, born of the way each film accumulates authoritatively into its meaning through elisions and congruencies that are virtually baroque in their coiled vitality.
Haywood attempts to demystify such irregularities, providing explanatory notes on Machiavelli's elisions, plurals, possessives, forms of address, use of articles, combinations of prepositions and definite articles, conjunctive pronouns, relative pronouns, verb forms in a variety of tenses, and especially breaks in syntax that approximate spoken language, as well as special sections on what he calls "new" words and "tricky little words.
In spite of the gaps and elisions in information that plague Connolly's historical analysis, The Irish Women's Movement presents a well-developed, innovative approach to some of the most contentious issues of scholarship and narrative in Irish studies.
Atul Gawande believes that too much information about medical practice has been "hidden, behind drapes and anesthesia and the elisions of language.
His elisions also make fainthearted political statements.
3) By extension, I argue that Johnson's use of genre, history, and identity underscores the fact that these modes of narration are governed by the same forces[middle dot] His novel unearths the ambiguities of these accounts - their repressions, elisions, and slippages - to offer up a modern text replete with its own highly self-conscious ambiguities, which demand our critical reconsideration.
For these elisions I am grateful; but in the editing there are also losses that I regret.
Despite the subtlety of its the close readings of dramatic texts, Staging Reform, Reforming the Stage contains a variety of elisions and failures to resolve critical problems.
Those who have accepted the old order of things might object that there are certain elisions at the boundaries in this book by which Professor Fowler slides from country-house poem to estate poem to poems on parks or groves or retirement or the pleasures of country life.
By such elisions, Judson means that the crime itself isn't what's significant; it's the collection of memories and misunderstandings and vague desires that lead up to the terrible moment--the way Holgate is trapped into criminality but entirely culpable for it.