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Synonyms for elision

omission of a sound between two words (usually a vowel and the end of one word or the beginning of the next)

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a deliberate act of omission

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Al parecer, para evitar la aspiracion de la sibilante en el contexto de la regla de elision (7), el autor restringe el de la (8) a la presencia de la vocal tematica acentuada [-i-].
En el espanol del informante sobresalen la omision de /s/ y la elision y sustitucion de /d/, /[?
The data show substantially lower correlations with reading skill criterion variables for the Sound Blending than the Elision subtest, especially for the 7-to-24 year-old version.
Ahora bien, en este punto es importante senalar que la elision de esta consonante se manifiesta en el habla pan-hispanica y obedece a leyes foneticas de relajamiento articulatorio que suceden, en general, con toda la comunidad que habla la lengua espanola.
Rolon Collazo frames her own telling of how this story has been told first with a careful review of historical documents, then through a theoretical prism heavily influenced by Lukacs and his ideas about the elision of the popular voice and agency in the historical novel of the nineteenth century.
The County Kilkenny town of Graiguenamanagh is a lyrical elision of three separate words.
We assessed students' phonological and phonemic awareness in fall and spring using the Blending Words and Elision subtests of the Comprehensive Test of Phonological Processing (CTOPP; Wagner, Torgesen, & Rashotte, 1999).
In this context, this study examines Nambya vowel harmony and hiatus resolution strategies such as glide formation, vowel elision and vowel coalescence.
Here, one liaises, without distinguishing, all final consonants when followed by vowels; there, one insists on [pronouncing] word-final vowels, when elision with the following vowel is essential [2-3].
It owns Arkaga Health and Technology, which is a holding company for Elision, a consultancy that provides systems integration and managed services and solutions to help customers in government, healthcare and the private sector in improving their existing processes.
for my country with a bit of elision, and a metaphor that bears several
I will now show, that as for the analysis of Tibetan words eleven morphological and morpho-phonological categories are available, namely prefixation (1), suffixation (2), infixation (3), vowel variation or ablaut (4), variation in place of articulation (5), variation in manner of articulation (6), assimilation (7), dissimilation (8), metathesis (9), elision (10), contraction (11).
Since 1990, Alys has made his home base in Mexico City where he explores the semiotics of urban space by bringing notions of cultural and geographical elision to the forefront of much of his work.
The titular elision of the first gravid line of Astropel and Stella is a reminder through omission that desire (faining) mediates both truth and feigning.
An hourly emergency service to Paddington was Birmingham's only rail link with London today alter the hurricane had wrecked power supplies on the main intercity Elision route.