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omission of a sound between two words (usually a vowel and the end of one word or the beginning of the next)

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a deliberate act of omission

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Elision refers to the loss of phonemes in any position, and apocope is one form of elision.
But while Knapp views Shakespeare's career as a repudiation of this attitude of sovereign singularity, my own suspicion is that it forms part of the complex elision of elite and popular culture that characterizes his work.
The Phonological Awareness Composite for ages 5 and 6 consists of three subtests, Blending Words, Elision, and Sound Matching, while only Elision and Blending Words are included in the 7-24 year form.
The virus's qualities equip it to serve as a model for the cyborgian theories of the post-modern and post-structural period, for changing understandings of subjectivity and its boundaries, and the elision of human and non-human futures.
These are sometimes to be found in references to names and places, but the elision between cholera and fevers is more problematic.
The elision is significant, for the field remains contentious.
Throughout the introduction and the six chapters of the book, Aldama questions and challenges the (merely) "symbolic forms of resistance" (71) in the elision of "word" and "world" that he identifies in the teaching of and the scholarship on postcolonial and Latina/o fiction.
Rateliff's "Two Kinds of Absence: Elision and Exclusion in Peter Jackson's The Lord of the Rings" because it includes a listing of previous translations of Tolkien's narrative into other mediums.
Other roads have been deemed too dangerous to drive through due to an accumulation of water, such as the Kividon -- Ayios Amvrosiou and a six metre manhole along Elision Street in Limassol has rendered the street dangerous after filling with water.
Nonetheless, Clark's articulation of the many sorts of acts and ideas that were neither condemned nor condoned, neither acknowledged nor avoided should galvanize historical research into this area of elision.
The County Kilkenny town of Graiguenamanagh is a lyrical elision of three separate words.
We assessed students' phonological and phonemic awareness in fall and spring using the Blending Words and Elision subtests of the Comprehensive Test of Phonological Processing (CTOPP; Wagner, Torgesen, & Rashotte, 1999).
Next, readers will find a list of books received and a second host of articles wherein: Oseni Taiwo Afisi identifies the indispensable role the woman plays in the society in an attempt to address the sense of inequality which revolves around the concept of gender in contemporary African society; Maxwell Kadenge presents a qualitative analysis of some phonological processes involving vowels in Nambya, and describes Nambya phonological processes involving vowels such as vowel harmony, glide formation, vowel elision, and vowel coalescence; Moussa Sissoko and Rosemary Traore look at the African perspective on U.
A similar elision of the theme of a commission and the profession of the patron was provided by The Marriage at Cana, ordered by the Antwerp vintners from Maerten de Vos in 1597.