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Synonyms for eliminatory

of, relating to, or tending to eliminate

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For example, ineffective eliminatory pathways impose disturbance on controlling the PNEI system, where additional nutritional deficiencies, microtoxicities, geopathic stress, manmade electromagnetic-magnetic pollution, or allergies only enhance the entropy and further aggravate a vicious circle of PNEI dysregulation.
Poor digestion, tiredness, dull skin and hair and headaches are all signs your body's eliminatory pathways could do with an extra hand.
With that, Casper suggested I perform a difficult physical feat: Something involving an eliminatory body function exhibited in ascending vertical fashion.
As it is well known, Habermas presented psychoanalysis as the prototype of hermeneutic sciences and accused Freud of "scientistic self-misunderstanding" since, in developing his theory, he followed the guidelines provided by natural sciences' methodological rules (such as the hypothetical-deductive method and the eliminatory induction).
However, in the process, it became a participant root of the invention and implementation of eliminatory anti-Semitic policies on the basis of ethnicity.
In the organisational process of the SNC, the eliminatory contests that constitute the preliminary phase are held in stages.
Skin, the largest eliminatory organ of the body, also physically protects the lower tissues and organs, regulates hydration and body temperature, synthesises vitamin D, provides sensory reception and communication via nerve endings, contains blood vessels, sweat and sebaceous glands, hair and nails.
90) It cannot simply be reduced to the Sonderweg argument, or to traditions of eliminatory ideology (the Goldhagen thesis) which prevailed among the German people.
Hosting the event would be a golden opportunity for one African team to shine, playing in front of their own supporters in familiar conditions, besides the luxury of not having to qualify through eliminatory groups and therefore being able to train uninterruptedly for the finals.
The Brazilian judges for this competition initially pre-selected 174 coffees as semi-finalists and at the end of all the eliminatory rounds, some 60 coffees will be presented to an international jury of industry cuppers who will then select the finalist.