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of, relating to, or tending to eliminate

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To make this latter point clearer, let us roughly consider a recent trend in philosophy of physics called eliminative structural realism (ESR).
30) Throughout Prologomena to Any Future Materialism I, for instance, he repeatedly references reductive and eliminative materialisms as his primary rhetorical foil without actually engaging any of the positions in any meaningful way.
This basic eliminative argument, namely that certain causes for conviction and bhakti are disposed of, leaving only one viable explanation, is developed by Visvanatha.
These treatments tend to seek the construction of broad,flexible and effective repertoires over an eliminative approach to narrowly defined problems, and to emphasize the relevance of the issues they examine for clinicians as well as clients.
As opposed to the period of the Great War, no recourse to scientific objectivism clouded the eliminative nature of this process.
McGinn resume el tipo de posturas que pueden adoptarse respecto del problema de la conciencia con el acronimo DIME (Domestication theses, Irreductibility theses, Miracle theses, Eliminative theses).
This eliminative method (favored by Francis Bacon and John Stuart Mill (58)) allowed the participants to evaluate the probability of the victim's case at 0.
The Anthropocene poses imponderable questions about conceptions of human agency, questions comparable if not identical to those of the kinds of eliminative materialism about the brain that Brassier discusses in relation to Sellars and others.
a cosmos) that is intelligible via our intelligence, the conceptual categories with which we understand it must make room for intelligence without eliminating it entirely (as eliminative materialists do) or reducing it to processes that are inherently unintelligent and lifeless (as reductive materialists do).
Except that the obviousness of the falsehood of the alternative is the clue: advocating excess rigor may be suggesting that all alternatives to a rigorous theory are generally obviously false, so that by eliminative (second-level) induction its credibility rises to the maximum.
Workplace mobbing is the collective expression of the eliminative impulse in formal organizations.
Ipecacuanha in Emetic Doses: As a Stimulant, Restorative, Eliminative, and Adjuvant, in Various Cases of Disorder and Disease.
But why must we "eliminate" conventional truth, if, as Siderits argues (Persons), there are good reasons to favor reductionism over the two extremes of nonreductive realism and eliminative nonrealism?
His perspectives are classical American pragmatism, pragmatics and pragmatisms, a Kantian rationalist pragmatism, an arc of thought from Rorty's eliminative materialism to his pragmatism, synthesizing naturalism and historicism, toward an analytic pragmatism, and expressivism and anti-representationalism.
Ioulka is a near anagram of Lokiu (1049; similarly, see Bellemin-Noel 182), and this doubling has both a generative and an eliminative effect: rearranging the letters of the name Ioulka creates the form Lokiu but also results in the swallowing of Ioulka by Lokis.