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of, relating to, or tending to eliminate

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Modern scientists and philosophers appear to be finally abandoning the untenable position of radical, eliminative materialism like proverbial rats leaving a sinking ship.
As Baker attempts to show in the third and fourth chapters, the available reductive strategies articulated by John Perry, David Lewis or the cognitive sciences, and the eliminative strategies suggested by Daniel Dennett and particularly Thomas Metzinger (whose position Baker discusses with great acumen) are ultimately unable to reveal appeal to self-concepts to be superfluous.
His perspectives are classical American pragmatism, pragmatics and pragmatisms, a Kantian rationalist pragmatism, an arc of thought from Rorty's eliminative materialism to his pragmatism, synthesizing naturalism and historicism, toward an analytic pragmatism, and expressivism and anti-representationalism.
According to one of the hypotheses advanced, opposed by Libet but supported by others (in particular by the sociopsychologist Daniel Wegner, and before him by the school of eliminative materialism, according to which conscious experience is illusory or epiphenomenal in its totality), this result demonstrates precisely that the mind is "out of the loop" in which real decisions are taken--which are cerebral events registered on the electroencephalogram.
Eliminative reductionism occurs when the language of one phenomenon can be translated into the language of other phenomenon without any remnant.
Science has progressed by systematically replacing substance essentialism with dynamical and relational accounts, but substantialism remains the tacit assumption in eliminative materialism.
Emerging "third-wave" behavior therapies concentrate on the "construction of broad, flexible, and effective repertoires over an eliminative approach to narrowly defined problems" (Hayes, 2004.
This places a heavy burden upon the other eliminative organs of the body, such as the kidneys, skin and lungs.
These eliminative organs work continuously for us without a single break and often come under pressure through eating processed foods and living stressful lifestyles.
The questions' eliminative character didn't stop over 400 respondents from answering an informal survey on Facebook, attesting to a persisting interest in classical music.
Selection of the microbial source for pectinase production depends on several features, such as the type of culture (solid-state or submerged fermentation), number and type of the produced pectinases (esterases, hydrolytic depolymerases and eliminative depolymerases), pH and thermal stability of the enzymes [1,10-13].
I am assuming the theory of eliminative materialism proves untenable.
In its most extreme forms, Strategy A can rationalise 'the eliminative ideal' (Rutherford 1997)--the idea that troublesome people can be made to go away.
These treatments tend to seek the construction of broad, flexible, and effective repertoires over an eliminative approach to narrowly defined problems (Hayes et al.
Sweating reduces the waste removal burden on the kidneys, liver, and eliminative organs.