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Synonyms for eliminate

Synonyms for eliminate

to get rid of, especially by banishment or execution

to keep from being admitted, included, or considered

to take or leave out

to discharge (wastes or foreign substances) from the body

Synonyms for eliminate

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Eliminating a series: If a Delaware LLC with two series is treated as two partnerships for Federal tax purposes, changing to a single tax partnership by eliminating the series would likely be a partnership merger under Sec.
The casting design incorporated hydraulic plumbing holes, eliminating numerous drilled and pin-plugged holes.
The suggestion of eliminating vice principals had already been considered by the district's fiscal committee, Barcelona said.
PPG's Dennis Taljan, however, suggests eliminating the primer/surfacer layer may cause problems unrelated to the paint to arise.
At a minimum, consider eliminating the requirement to file the form both with the return and separately with the Philadelphia Service Center.
Eliminating the marriage penalty by adopting standard phase-outs for three income levels--low, middle- and high income taxpayers--and adopting one standard phase out method.
Instead of eliminating the filing and records clerk positions, these individuals now devote more time to working alongside doctors, interacting with patients and enhancing customer service," McNally concludes.
A 610-mm long and 12-mm diameter cast-in main oil passage feeds high-pressure oil to the balance shaft and crankshaft-bearing surfaces and the cylinder head, eliminating three long drilling operations.
It employs a combination of controlled infrared heating and convection to remove water and solvents from the coating, while eliminating the "pops" and pinholes that usually accompany quick drying.
Other proposed cuts include eliminating physical education aides, cutting back district funds for computer lab aides and leaving some administrative posts vacant.
The report weighs the pros and cons of eliminating or limiting deductions for state and local taxes, which could raise as much as $225 billion by 2002.
The taxpayer argued that the carryback was retroactive, extinguishing the deficiency and eliminating the interest charge on the deficiency.
833 (1958)(grading eliminating inadequate drainage); Munroe Land Co.
Medical report errors can be reduced when multiple applications share patient context, eliminating the need for paper workflow.
The simulation indicated that pouring directly through the riser and eliminating the gating would increase yield.