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Synonyms for eligible

Synonyms for eligible

satisfying certain requirements, as for selection

deemed suitable for marriage

Antonyms for eligible

qualified for or allowed or worthy of being chosen

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Talking to a delegation of Tehsil Ahmed Poor Sharqia, he said in provinces, there are two years practice criteria in lower Judiciary for getting license of High court, similarly five years for Federal Shariat Court thats why he endorsed lawyers demand of fiver years criteria for eligibly to enrolment as a Supreme Court lawyer.
Cognis also offers a variety of formulation combinations that meet the necessary eligibly criteria of various labels and offer proven stability.
In the managers' statement that accompanied the 2008 farm bill, Congress included "actively engaged" among the criteria USDA should consider in setting new eligibly guidelines for payments.
102) Given the logical connection between the proficiency testing and the laboratory's eligibly for accreditation, the GAO denied the challenge to the solicitation.