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Synonyms for eligible

Synonyms for eligible

satisfying certain requirements, as for selection

deemed suitable for marriage

Antonyms for eligible

qualified for or allowed or worthy of being chosen

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Projects in communities designated by the province will be eligible for the a 50-per-cent refund of eligible expenses (20 per cent more than in non-designated communities) to a limit of $300,000 per individual or company.
Example: Two partners of a domestic eligible entity are a domestic corporation, D, and a domestic limited liability company, L.
Similarly, in connection with the sale of the assets of a business, it would be appropriate to treat the amounts received either as cumulative eligible capital or as additional proceeds on the disposed-of assets.
Sometimes there are legitimate reasons for discharging somebody, where they wouldn't be eligible for unemployment insurance.
Eligible participants will have suffered a loss of employment income due to having contracted SARS or having been in isolation or under quarantine because they may have been exposed to SARS during their work, or were prevented from working because of an outbreak of SARS at their workplace.
The bulk of the cases are anticipated to involve radiation-induced cancers from working with nuclear materials, but workers with beryllium disease or silicosis caused by their energy employment would also be eligible, Eagan said.
Only 2 percent of Medicare beneficiaries not eligible for Medicaid reside in nursing facilities.
Partial distributions from qualified plans are eligible for rollover treatment as long as they are not required minimum distributions, such as amounts that must be paid out to people who have reached 70 1/2, and are not part of a series of equal periodic distributions that are to be paid annually over life, life expectancy or a period of at least 10 years.
Unfortunately, advocates often mistakenly assume that a person who has a certain severe disability is automatically eligible for vocational rehabilitation services.
With respect to eligible employees covered under the terms of a collective bargaining agreement (CBA), however, the Act takes effect on the date the CBA terminates, but no later than Feb.
A novel aspect of the Rhode Island RES relates to customer-sited and off-grid generation facilities (often called "behind-the-meter" generation) which may be certified as an eligible resource.
Eligible individuals may withdraw up to $100,000 from their retirement plans, penalty-free, from Aug.
The following provides some preliminary information about the program, who is eligible to participate and when to apply.
The changes in respect of beneficial ownership will permit a tax-free transfer of eligible assets between corporations where the ownership of the two may be held by different entities in the same group.
org Eligible participants must be capable of developing electric demand-reduction projects and implementing all necessary measures.
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