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the quality or state of being eligible

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the quality or state of being eligible

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Students in most states will experience some decrease in Title IV eligibility, but the magnitude of such a loss in eligibility is difficult to estimate due to the interactive nature of certain need analysis elements, the packaging philosophies of different student aid offices, and the possible use of professional judgment by aid administrators.
All the facts are looked at in determining eligibility," said Kelly-Brenner.
But only the most disabled of these recipients will meet SSI eligibility criteria and many will remain on the TANF rolls for extended periods during the SSI application process.
In the late fall of 2002, Parliament unanimously passed a resolution calling on the government tO act on the Sub Committees recommendations, particularly recommendations "calling for changes to the eligibility requirements of the Disability Tax Credit so that they will incorporate in a more humane and compassionate manner the real life circumstances of persons with disabilities and withdraw the proposed changes to the Disability Tax Credit released on August 30, 2002.
Because only a portion of the taxpayer's EIC eligibility is being precertified, it is unknown the type of assurance letters taxpayers will receive, and the recourse they will have if precertification is denied.
The citizen benefits from a responsive e-government and is fully informed of how the eligibility was calculated.
Healthcare Data Exchange's Integrated Eligibility Service will link with IDX's eCommerce Services and enable automatic eligibility verification as patients are registering in the emergency room, clinic or anywhere else within the enterprise at any time.
Medicaid eligibility is only during the period of treatment for breast and cervical cancer.
Another problem is the length of time an individual spends establishing eligibility for SSA programs versus the need to initiate rehabilitation as soon after the onset of a disability as possible.
Without work incentives, their "countable" income would increase and jeopardize eligibility for SSI.
Moreover, most PAS programs are part of "welfare" systems, and tend to limit eligibility for services to people with low incomes (Litvak & Kennedy, 1991 b).
On June 26, 1992, Tax Executives Institute filed the following comments with the Canadian Department on Finance on the eligibility of certain employers to claim input tax credits for the Goods and Services Tax paid to suppliers of services associated with their pensions plans.
ABILITY COMPLETE streamlines eligibility and benefit confirmation to ensure faster payment
Earlier this month, the Depository Trust Company (DTC) granted the company eligibility status.