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Polska deals with real events without eliding the pressures of time and memory to which history is subjected.
Patriotic epistemologies" may well have engendered a tradition in which postcolonial elites cast themselves as victims to foreign powers, while eliding the power and privileges of their own positions vis-a-vis subalterns in their societies.
By eliding that info, these journals hark back to a not-too-much-older world of journals that existed within a very different literature market--one without as much resume panic, quid pro quo publishing, and marketplace guides.
She does this by eliding the boundaries between a splintered world, her body's geography and a wounded people.
Elizabeth Gregory incorporates Gertrude Stein amongst candidates for this volume, although 'For the most part, she protests by eliding the evidence of violence around her, refusing to honour it with mention, and focusing on pleasure instead' (p.
into the shimmer of a thousand suns, tongue I thought eliding tears, the year of waste with a taste of sweat and sexual fluid, warmth against a situation, an afternoon so bitter it revives, wind an adrenal needle in winter's arrested heart.
Thus, it should come as no surprise that Harper's book contains certain lapses in his own readings that expose the difficulty of ever eliding completely the tendency toward totalization at the expense of specificity.
It exists rather "in a curious no man's and no woman's land, between or eliding genders.
Message eliding is a new concept for messaging systems, offering rate control for message streams where multiple updates to a single topic can be consolidated into only the most recent update.
A clinical psychologist practicing in Indianapolis, Maas explores how the perennial story impacts the development of girls into women, promising much but eliding much more.
The genius of American terror is that this "juridical form" is sold to us as entertainment, thus eliding it with a different form of "terror," the bullying blandishments of the culture industry at large.
Still, "Race" does tend to whitewash Turner, eliding any mention of his much-criticized attempts to colorize B&W classics in order to popularize them.