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In eliding Marshall McLuhan's famous characterization of information society as a "global village" with the "village idiot," a figure of extreme and doltish embodiment, Kessler uncannily signals precisely the ethos of information extraction that underlay American policy in Abu Ghraib.
Indeed, just as Williams accused his opponent of eliding human depravity, Du Bois argues that no person (or people) is inherently irredeemable - an answer to the (not wholly unrelated) fatalism of Calvin and Dreiser, as well as a rebuttal of Bible-based racism that survived the Civil War in only slightly altered form.
In Young's Optimum Performance, 2003, an actor delivered a script by the artist: a vilely "motivational," casually insulting pep talk eliding corporate and art-world uses of terms such as "performance" and "creativity.
While Sethe initially makes the connection between the present and the past experience, she later attributes her weak bladder to a subconscious recognition of her dead daughter, eliding all possible connections of Beloved to her mother.
Chambers does, however, nicely illustrate Waller's habits in his handling of classical texts: compressing and redistributing passages, adapting Latin details to English settings, and eliding difficult political references in his models.
Here Lichtenstein seems to be investigating the possible ways to make a mark, eliding intuitive experimentation and conceptual commentary.
Nevertheless, this presentation was not a full retrospective, eliding as it did her early sculptural works of the '70s, which still followed in the arte povera tradition.
In other, words, and without in any way eliding their political dimension as emblems of spiritual and legal custodianship, the Papunya Tula paintings now escape their local significance as signifiers of land ownership and ethnicity into another terrain.
Which is to say that this strategy has allowed Ma guire to keep faith with a tradition of expressionistic figuration even as he resists naturalizing or eliding context and convention--tendencies that have so often compromised the radical potential of that tradition.
By eliding the "r," he inflects the arbitrariness of the Surrealists' "exquisite corpse" with intentionality and specificity of reference.
All of which goes to make an intriguing book which seems purposely to evade declaring its meaning by eliding fabrication and fact.
It is in this sense that "Hall of Mirrors" denies the essence of the filmic, eliding the distinctions between the cinematic and the televisual.
Finally, these works raise more questions than they answer, eliding, perhaps, the most interesting problem of all: the gray area created by translating an esthetic object into a critical treatise.
In a manner reminiscent of Ostoya or Mario Garcia Torres, Polska works from documentary sources and deals with real events without eliding the pressures of time and memory to which history is subjected.
This journal, like ACE itself, has long viewed the complex and fluid relationship between art and Christianity through a very wide-angled lense--not merely eliding Christianity with 'religion' and sometimes with faith per se but also seeing art itself as a vehicle for both visual and religious experience and expression, embracing everything from the archaic to the avant garde, and from the overtly representational to the consciously non-representational.