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First, BCR requires an accented word or word group immediately adjacent to the elided fragment.
However, in contrast to Wright's "Big Boy Leaves Home" and Native Son, Toni Morrison's Beloved appropriates Dracula to gothicize the horrors of slavery and, more importantly, to defamiliarize the assumptions of 18th-and 19th-century rationalist discourse that elided blackness from essentialist arguments about what it means to be--and not be--fully human.
Tom Burlinson reprised his role from Man from Snowy River--Method acting seeming to have truly elided the movie/reality distinction--and rousingly addressed the assembled crowd.
A very long film--much longer, experientially speaking, than the 105 minutes it actually runs--Scared/Sacred is not, as the quaintly elided title might lead you to imagine, about being scared sacred--that is to say frightened into the reverential.
It's fine and good to be wary of romanticizing earlier generations of populists or supposedly "multiracial" movements that elided questions of racial injustice.
She notes that Black women's experience of rape is effectively elided as it is subsumed under larger narratives about racism (which tends to mean racism against Black men).
In the imperial mode, contrapuntal reading means considering the facts of imperialism in a work with the realities of resistance, which are often elided.
As of press time proposed constitutional marriage bans were set to appear on fall ballots in Georgia, Kentucky, Mississippi, Missouri, Oklahoma, Ohio, Utah, Michigan, Arkansas, and Louisiana Similar actions effectively elided efforts to legalize stone-sex marriage in Hawaii and Alaska during the 1990s.
Kerry last night elided the charged question of whether, as president, he would have gone to war in Iraq.
Switching between past tense and future tense, with the present moment elided, the story implies an infinite gap between what has been and what will be.
In both he found a close connection between urban form and topography, a relationship to nature that European Modernism almost completely elided.
She is the one who said no--a fact elided over by those who would later call her an opportunist.
The Scots, Welsh and Irish were enlisted as auxiliary Englishmen, their separate histories and geography elided.
According to the author, recent feminist scholarship has often elided this point.
collaborates with instructors in locating some relevant moments have occurred, such as hesitations, self-adjustments, unintelligible productions, interruptions, elided or incomplete signs, unfinished productions, pauses, etc.