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Unplugged: Reclaiming Our Right to Die in America shows us ethical gray areas that are not easily elided.
However, in contrast to Wright's "Big Boy Leaves Home" and Native Son, Toni Morrison's Beloved appropriates Dracula to gothicize the horrors of slavery and, more importantly, to defamiliarize the assumptions of 18th-and 19th-century rationalist discourse that elided blackness from essentialist arguments about what it means to be--and not be--fully human.
But Dirty Room's makeup was such that it elided the metaphorically pure associations of earth, loam, and soil; "Look, there's a screw," exclaimed my companion, staring at a dark mass that, far from being top quality, was filled with off-color clumps, sticks, and god knows what else.
A very long film--much longer, experientially speaking, than the 105 minutes it actually runs--Scared/Sacred is not, as the quaintly elided title might lead you to imagine, about being scared sacred--that is to say frightened into the reverential.
But her approach remains unhappily circular Differences, not to say discord, covert polemic, mutual resistance, are all elided Friends only come into relation with one another, according to Blanchot, if there is distance between them, but in Kaufman's analysis there is little evidence of this encounter with the other, or of the complex inflections or shifts of emphasis that are a feature of the exchanges she discusses.
It's fine and good to be wary of romanticizing earlier generations of populists or supposedly "multiracial" movements that elided questions of racial injustice.
She notes that Black women's experience of rape is effectively elided as it is subsumed under larger narratives about racism (which tends to mean racism against Black men).
Kerry last night elided the charged question of whether, as president, he would have gone to war in Iraq.
Switching between past tense and future tense, with the present moment elided, the story implies an infinite gap between what has been and what will be.
In both he found a close connection between urban form and topography, a relationship to nature that European Modernism almost completely elided.
She is the one who said no--a fact elided over by those who would later call her an opportunist.
The Scots, Welsh and Irish were enlisted as auxiliary Englishmen, their separate histories and geography elided.
According to the author, recent feminist scholarship has often elided this point.
Heraclio Bonilla forces the reader to think about the impact of transculturation if the socioeconomic plight of indigenous peoples is elided.
War is an unstable category in her writings, and seems almost elided from To the Lighthouse; but Hargreaves disinters its ghostly presence from the middle section, 'Time Passes'.