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But while Ingenthron may choose to elide stability of meaning, he still provides the context of mood; whatever attachment you append to the figure, it remains frozen in a kind of pathetic ballet position.
At the novel's end, Herron replaces the traditionally structured narratives she has shown to be complicit with racial and sexual exploitation with a new text whose structure does not elide these abuses.
Where indirect and arbitrary digital translation too often attempts to elide the differences between media and sensory modalities, this direct, analog translation does the reverse, intensifying sensory differences and the materiality of the video medium.
Many comedies elide the contractual or business side of marriage, valorizing instead the triumph of love over all obstacles.
The mother's body, history, and desire elide into one signifying complex.
and disparate modes of thought are brought together in ways that elide their particular differences.
The study does not, though, elide the contestations at work among these discursive fields and within each of them.
Her definition of the perfect black woman as desiring soul strongly contradicts the trope of the black woman as desiring body, but in order to put forth this definition, Harper must elide the lived reality of many black women's physical sense of themselves as bodies.
Indeed, the treatment of the figures and space in a surprising piece like Gonzalez's Los conocedores (The Connoisseurs; all works 2004) suggests a direct influence through a shared recourse to the Baroque, even though this painting is placed in a contemporary setting, whereas those of Perez Villalta tend to elide specific reference to the present.
The question of the artist-becoming-machine is one that characterized modern painting throughout the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, but should we elide the different modulations of this condition from Courbet to Manet to Seurat to Breton to Warhol?
She hypothesizes that the painting was unfinished when Giuliano was murdered in 1478 by order of Lorenzo, who blamed the Pazzi; and that it was afterwards adapted for the marriage of Lorenzo di Pierfrancesco de' Medici to Semiramide Appiano in 1482, and its iconography slightly altered so as to elide any dangerous dynastic implications.
But a superficial new documentary from the Smithsonian Channel, Legend of Lead Belly, elides the most controversial aspects of his life and imposes a relentlessly positive spin.
But of course that elides the semantic distinctions," Greenhouse argues.
Although highly stylized, it is not abstract; while citing familiar elements of everyday life, it elides any connection with reality.
The third focuses on Iran, portraying the country as an expansionary power that is perceived as a threat by the Sunni states of the region (although Lewis here elides the difference between the rulers of these states and their populations, who routinely rank Iran far below Israel and the United States as perceived threats) and as irredeemably hostile to Jews (ignoring the fact that the Persian Jews live a generally peaceful life in Iran), therefore requiring that Western states engage in disruption of the regime and preparation for possible military action (advice which seems rather contradictory to the premise of the first essay, to say the least).