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Elide 2014 notes' rating is capped at 'AA+sf' due to level of the replacement triggers for the account bank and swap counterparty roles.
Where indirect and arbitrary digital translation too often attempts to elide the differences between media and sensory modalities, this direct, analog translation does the reverse, intensifying sensory differences and the materiality of the video medium.
Leone Harvey Keitel Guastamacchia Giancarlo Giannini Vipera Elide Melli Child Rosa Larissa Volpentesta Adult Rosa Annalisa Schettino With: Olimpia Carlisi, Goffredo Fofi, Rosario Ainnusa, Paolo Pini, Maria Rosa Sapienza, Nadia Carlomagno.
To elide this distinction is to distort the most critical component of the federalist concern to establish a constitutionally limited government, a republic in which strong wire protects the hens from the foxes.
Indeed, the treatment of the figures and space in a surprising piece like Gonzalez's Los conocedores (The Connoisseurs; all works 2004) suggests a direct influence through a shared recourse to the Baroque, even though this painting is placed in a contemporary setting, whereas those of Perez Villalta tend to elide specific reference to the present.
She hypothesizes that the painting was unfinished when Giuliano was murdered in 1478 by order of Lorenzo, who blamed the Pazzi; and that it was afterwards adapted for the marriage of Lorenzo di Pierfrancesco de' Medici to Semiramide Appiano in 1482, and its iconography slightly altered so as to elide any dangerous dynastic implications.
Tenders are invited for Fire Extinguishing Ball Make : Elide Or Similar.
Paul's story, political executions, the military's killing of Ogibah boys) and elides emotions stirred.
Starring the incomparable Sonia Braga as a well-off widow holding on to her apartment against pressure from developers, "Aquarius" is a character study as well as a shrewd meditation on the way physical space elides with our identity.
It's a corny, earnest tribute to urban community that elides the real issues of police militarization, use of force, and cop-community relations that helped spark the Ferguson protests it so clearly alludes to.
The third focuses on Iran, portraying the country as an expansionary power that is perceived as a threat by the Sunni states of the region (although Lewis here elides the difference between the rulers of these states and their populations, who routinely rank Iran far below Israel and the United States as perceived threats) and as irredeemably hostile to Jews (ignoring the fact that the Persian Jews live a generally peaceful life in Iran), therefore requiring that Western states engage in disruption of the regime and preparation for possible military action (advice which seems rather contradictory to the premise of the first essay, to say the least).
In his attack on Barker he elides furniture and scenery as when he claims that a photograph shows that a "setting used realistic furniture to reproduce the kind of 'fourth-wall' ambiance familiar to contemporary audiences" (55).
The ironies are worked for all they're worth - Ifan Meredith's moralistic judge Angelo becomes brothel owner Mistress Overdone, Eiry Thomas as the wronged Juliette elides into enthusiastic wrong-er Lucio.
Time elides, events shift; sometimes we shift them on purpose and forget that we did.
Discussion typically assumes that the state of being "college ready" is well-defined, and it often elides the distinction between students who need remediation and those who actually enroll in developmental courses.