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Wei uses knowledge of protein structure to design self-assembling nanoparticles that elicit broader and more potent immunity than traditional influenza vaccines.
In recent studies, NanoBio has demonstrated that intranasal vaccination elicits robust systemic and mucosal immunity, thereby offering enhanced protection against respiratory infections and sexually transmitted diseases compared to intramuscular vaccination.
If a member says a given number of things during a meeting, and if each thing that he or she says elicits laughter with a small probability, then, by the "law of rare events," the number of laughs elicited by the member during the meeting will approximately follow a Poisson distribution.
In a recent pair of studies, we found that perinatal ETS exposure in rhesus monkeys elicits alterations in cell signaling in the developing brain akin to those identified for nicotine administration in rodents, including the up-regulation of nicotinic cholinergic receptors, a characteristic of chronic nicotineinduced neuronal stimulation (Slotkin et al.
A DNA vaccine that elicits expression of WNV E and prM antigens has been used in mice, horses, and birds (44).
Stephanie is an example of the kind of child whose behaviors elicit positive social behavior from adults, whereas Seth's behavior elicits negative or neutral responses.
Because massage therapy can be used in two ways, either to relax or to stimulate, it elicits both calming and responsive effects.
6'7) says that "lactose, a sugar in milk, commonly elicits allergic reactions.
Our studies demonstrate HIV-1 gp120 elicits several different types of signals in macrophages through CXCR4 and CCR5, including calcium elevations, ionic channel activation, non-receptor protein tyrosine kinase activation, and activation of MAP kinases.
When cold elicits Raynaud's phenomenon, simply warming the hand is usually adequate.
A roll of Lifesavers may be all that is needed to create an effective marketing campaign that elicits emotion and attracts new clients.
For example, when a question concerning a standard financial procedure elicits a response the investigator knows is false, investigators should appear to accept the answer and ask for specific details.
She has that very giving side, which elicits trust, and because of that she can challenge students to step up to the next level.
The role of "teacher" elicits a strong role schema, and behaviors or characteristics that are inconsistent with the role schema become particularly noticeable.
Because the physician elicits information for diagnostic purposes, all existing severity measurement systems are diagnosisdependent.