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First, as our original experiment involved presenting disgust elicitors to children when alone, and then later with their parent present, it would allow us to establish whether the child's behavior when alone could be predicted by later parental behavior, including vocalizations and gestures.
A cultivated plant cell suspension culture with a high concentration of cell aggregates is an ideal target for the elicitor as cell aggregation is associated with secondary metabolite production (Bais et al.
Transgenic plant aequorin reports the effects of touch and cold-shock and elicitors on cytoplasmic calcium.
The new protocol simultaneously analyzes interactions between multiple plant hormones, fatty acids, pathogen-derived elicitors, and other volatile organic compounds.
A particular type of emotion may be prevalent due to a high rate of conditions that are conducive for those emotions, and similarly, other types of emotions may be rare because of the rare occurrence of their elicitors.
Elicitors of plant defensive systems reduce insect densities and disease incidence.
Several plant pathogens have been found to mask or modify potential elicitors, such as chitin normally present within fungal walls, perhaps to avoid host defenses, such as chitinase.
Glyceollin elicitors induce major but distinctly different shifts in isoflavone metabolism in proximal and distal soybean cell populations.
Staats suggested that the stimuli which serve as respondent emotion elicitors are the same stimuli that function as reinforcers or aversive stimuli in operant conditioning.
Production of these antifungal and antimicrobial compounds can be induced by certain elicitors which can mimic the induction of defense responses.
In contrast, injection of kisspeptin causes the sexual precocity, and kisspeptins are likely the most potent elicitors of GnRH/gonadotropin secretion known so far (Roa et al.
Effects of Fungal Elicitors on Growth of Protocorms and Orchid Seedlings
There are only few reports on callus induction, which is prerequisite for manipulating secondary metabolites using elicitors and also in these studies number of multiple shoots induced vary between 10-12 per culture.
Inducible defenses increase and/or change in composition in response to external elicitors such as herbivore or pathogen attacks.