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Each module consisted of graded exposures to a particular adult disgust elicitor, which the child was asked to contact or interact with (their responses here forming the behavioral avoidance disgust score).
A strategy to formulate growth medium, culture age and an appropriate elicitor was established.
The elicitor has been known to induce various defense responses in a wide range of plant cells.
Elicitors of plant defensive systems reduce insect densities and disease incidence.
Both MeJA and AgNPs stimulated the production of essential oils in Artemisia plants, showing the defense response of the plant against elicitor effects of MeJA and AgNPs.
More information and knowledge are still required to select treatments that can be used to stimulate the formation of elicitor compounds and create better combinations between specific elicitors and pre-treatments in order to improve osmotic stress tolerance.
Stimulation of the production of podophyllotoxin by biogenetic precursors and elicitor in Juniperus Chinensisstem-derived callus cultures, Pakistan Journal of Biological Science, 5(3): 131-316
This may involve finding the genes involved in glyceollin production, or developing sprays or elicitor treatments that can be safely applied to soybean plants themselves.
Chen H, Chen F (2000) Effects of Yeast Elicitor on the Secondary Metabolism of Ti-transformed Salvia miltiorrhiza Cell Suspension Cultures.
Oral secretions from beet armyworm larvae contain N-(17-hydroxylinolenoyl)-L-glutamine (volicitin), an elicitor of plant secondary metabolites (Alborn et al.
Furthermore, two rice genes, OsCIGR1 and OsCIGR2 have been shown to be rapidly induced in suspensioncultured cells of rice upon N-acetylchitooligosaccharide elicitor perception and exogenous gibberellins (Day et al.
Dissection of primary, secondary and conditioning effects of light, wounding and elicitor treatments.
2000) discovered a 68-70 kD CDPK in tomato which was activated after addition of an elicitor and suggested it was involved in plant defense.
Nevertheless, he did not modify his model of the human baby's early social experience to include the male parent, even though the father was a primary elicitor of attachment behavior in the infant in the Schaffer and Emerson study.