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Four research assistants were involved, one of whom had volunteered to be videotaped and exposed to an eliciting stimulus; we initially needed to determine an effective unconditioned stimulus (US) with which to elicit the startle reflex, with the designated volunteer out of the room.
MI is a directive, client-centered counseling style for eliciting behavior change by helping clients to explore and resolve ambivalence.
All weekend boaters seem to know instinctively the very best way to elicit flight responses in deeper water, which is by heaving out the anchor as high and as far as one can, thus creating a noise roughly equivalent to the launching of a World War I depth charge, and eliciting flight responses from fish as far below as 60 feet.
In undifferentiated cells, exposure to 5 [micro]M CPF for 1-3 days reduced DNA synthesis significantly without eliciting cytotoxicity.
He has a way of sensing hidden depths and eliciting emotionally nuanced performances.
Instead, the reflection gets treated as a special phenomenon, generally eliciting curiosity and friendly overtures from females and a mix of distress and fear from males, a new study finds.
The invention thus also features incapacitated bacteria formulated appropriately for use in immunogenic compositions for eliciting an immune response, e.
1) Between 1992 and 1995, some 708 new patients at two London sexual health clinics for lesbians and bisexual women completed surveys eliciting information on sexual risk factors.
And if the physician executive does a good job in evaluating and eliciting the ideas of others, the correct decisions and actions to be taken will almost always be quite apparent.
4) Most patients with BPPV present no evident cause, although head trauma, Meniere's disease, and ear surgery have been accepted in the literature as eliciting events.
The findings provide the first evidence in humans that this type of vaccine can induce immune responses that will protect against multiple group A streptococcus serotypes without eliciting antibodies that cross-react with human tissues, they said.
The massage therapist serves as a stimulus, eliciting a response through touch.
Immunologic goals include eliciting HIV-l-specific CD8 (cytotoxic or CTL) and CD4 (helper) T cell immune responses and directing a broad response against multiple viral determinants in the infected host.
The rule of law, including truth eliciting rules, is one of the greatest goods a society can enjoy.