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called forth from a latent or potential state by stimulation


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Back came a cool letter from the editor that at least elicited Martin's admiration.
On the way, Arthur elicited from his new friend a confused summary of the interior life of Bleeding Heart Yard.
Anne's head was bent down -- she had not seen the Italian's smile; but finding that her question elicited no reply she looked up.
Instead of offending my gentleman I had put him on his mettle, and for half an hour he honored me with the most exhaustive inquisition ever elicited from a medical man.
Some few miles farther on he overtook a party of deserting royalist soldiery, and from them he easily, by dint of threats, elicited the information he desired: the direction taken by the refugees from the deserted castle, their number, and as close a description of the party as the soldiers could give.
He was also to exhibit 'his astounding feat of throwing seventy-five hundred-weight in rapid succession backhanded over his head, thus forming a fountain of solid iron in mid-air, a feat never before attempted in this or any other country, and which having elicited such rapturous plaudits from enthusiastic throngs it cannot be withdrawn.
The advocates of the tinder-box-and-pedlar view considered the other side a muddle-headed and credulous set, who, because they themselves were wall-eyed, supposed everybody else to have the same blank outlook; and the adherents of the inexplicable more than hinted that their antagonists were animals inclined to crow before they had found any corn--mere skimming-dishes in point of depth--whose clear-sightedness consisted in supposing there was nothing behind a barn-door because they couldn't see through it; so that, though their controversy did not serve to elicit the fact concerning the robbery, it elicited some true opinions of collateral importance.
Forty-two of the 47 preservice teachers (89%) elicited the process to add the digits in the tens place, 37 (79%) elicited the process to add the digits in the ones place, 41 (87%) elicited a description of the combining, and 40 (85%) elicited the sequence of the process.
ANZ and CBA's insurance businesses have elicited interest from bidders.
Immunization with this influenza nanoparticle vaccine elicited hemagglutination inhibition antibody titres more than tenfold higher than those from the licensed inactivated vaccine.
The findings suggested that socio-moral disgust-eliciting content elicited a slower response, characterized by one of initial attention and increasing negativity and arousal, and was remembered better before, at and after the onset of disgust.
As shown in this example, the transcripts only reveal so much about the laughter elicited by FOMC members.
Results indicate that children who were asked vocabulary noneliciting questions, or questions that included novel words, had significantly higher receptive word knowledge posttest scores than children who were asked questions that elicited the novel words.
To audit the practice of administration of informed consent, the extent to which each PGS elicited all 9 elements was assessed.
A startle reflex that is elicited by an unpredicted noise is referred to as an acoustic or audiogenic startle reflex, (Wilkens, Hallett, & Wess, 1986; Brown, Rothwell, Thompson, Britton, Day, & Marsden, 1991; Gluck, Mercado, & Myers, 2008).