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Synonyms for elicitation

stimulation that calls up (draws forth) a particular class of behaviors

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Proportion of illness acquired by foodborne transmission for nine enteric pathogens in Australia: an expert elicitation [cited 2014 Sep 2014].
The results of validation show that the system provides output that matches the opinions of the second set of experts, as well as those of the first set of experts, who were involved in the knowledge elicitation stage, on whose knowledge the system was based.
This explanation would suggest that the threat of higher inflation is more stressful to a member than other threats like lower employment or slower growth, given the relatively strong association between a member's expectation of inflation and his or her elicitation of laughter.
Readers are referred to Rehm and Frick (2010) for an overview on the methodological problems associated with econometric elicitation methods in this context.
B - known to have a prominent role in inflammation, stress, trauma and cancer - were suppressed after relaxation response elicitation.
In this spirit, Norwood and Lusk (2011) employed a new preference elicitation method that was meant to facilitate learning and rationality in the process of individuals stating their WTP values.
While interviewing is a well-documented qualitative method (Lincoln & Guba, 1985), photo elicitation is a relatively under-utilized research technique.
Focus groups and group interviews and meetings have emerged in the course of research as important and productive knowledge elicitation devices, particularly when such group settings involve people brought together on the basis of shared attributes or common expertise or experience upon a given topic of interest.
After producing the footage, participants sit through an elicitation interview with researchers, during which their footage is viewed and they are asked to discuss the various elements that they included.
The results of an elicitation task done by Bachelor (English) students at the University of Bahrain focusing on students' recognition of idioms and proverbs were presented.
To tackle the issue of uncertainties surrounding software acquisition, a formal and distinct uncertainty elicitation phase is proposed as part of the software investment decision-making process (Figure 2) to obtain information on the relevant uncertainties from a strategic point of view.
In the present study we are assigned to optimize the production of hyoscyamine by applying many strategies in relation to the culture medium, elicitation with different agents and different doses and cellular permeabilization on the hairy roots of Datura stramonium L.
This became my working archive, the basis for further print copies and enlargements, and later photo restoration (using Photoshop), as well as the basis for photo elicitation with people living in the Melanau settlements today.
Mistakes in requirements elicitation therefore take very important role in a project success.