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Synonyms for elicitation

stimulation that calls up (draws forth) a particular class of behaviors

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We propose to forecast football games outcomes using a simple predictive elicitation approach (Garthwaite, Kadane, & O'Hagan, 2005; Kadane, 1980), where the hyperparameters of a Categorical Dirichlet model are elicited using betting odds from different bookmakers.
Dominic Rodrigues, Chairman of the Company's Board of Directors, said, "These elicitation study data of patient-reported assessments of disease symptoms and quality of life show that patients afflicted with locally advanced cutaneous melanoma suffer important emotional impacts, presumably because they see their disease on a continuous basis.
Understanding the Problems of Requirements Elicitation Process: A Human Perspective.
World Health Organization estimates of the relative contributions of food to the burden of disease due to selected foodborne hazards: a structured expert elicitation.
This paper documents methods we employed for creating and testing elicitation protocols.
Participant-generated photo elicitation has become a popular research strategy within qualitative research.
In the elicitation module, the concept of personal projects is briefly introduced and the person is asked to list all of his or her current projects.
In this review, we will introduce the updated mechanisms of ACD, as revealed by using mouse CHS, mainly focusing on the mechanisms in the elicitation phase.
Unlike traditional procedures, in the flexible elicitation procedure, the DM does not need to provide imprecise or incomplete information a priori.
Baker: "The utility of event-based knowledge elicitation," Human Factors, vol.
Her approach is a visual method called "photo elicitation," which sparks conversation and storytelling by engaging participants in viewing a series of photos depicting the people and coffee growing ecosystems of their community.
The mechanism of action for treatment cutaneous metastases of melanoma involves elicitation of an immune response in the skin that subsequently causes destruction of the cutaneous tumor.
Keywords: Elicitation of Hyper parameters Jeffreys Prior Loss Functions Prior Predictive
Visual research strategies such as photovoice, where participants provide the photographs [15], and photo elicitation, where researchers provide the photographs for the participants to examine [16, 17], allow people to share life experiences [15, 18] and to be a part of the processes that shape public health programs and policies [19].