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usually good-naturedly mischievous


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I think about Huldufolk, the mythical elfish creatures who many locals consider to be fact rather than folklore.
But when he goes upstairs to explore, he discovers something totally unexpected: Minkel, a delightful, elfish creature, who intends to take him, his sister, and his friends to Ninelands, a place Jamie never knew existed.
8220;He is often seen as a spirit or as a mischievous elfish pixie or imp.
Smith conveyed this spirit with the right stage presence for the role -- wide-eyed innocence (even though Buddy is 30), elfish charm, clever gestures, a great singing voice, and considerable agility as Buddy was constantly running and dancing across the stage.
In a 17 November 1923 article, "Gargoyles as Symbols" (DTL 472-73), he tells his Toronto readers that the gargoyles on Notre Dame are all grinning elfish fellows, except two of them with horrible visages on the northeast aspect "that looks towards Germany.
Feudal lords, capitalists and smugglers were dominating the country and exploiting its resources for elfish ends.
Pearl pointed upward, also, at a similar picture in the headpiece; smiling at her mother, with the elfish intelligence that was so familiar an expression on her small physiognomy.
You won't be able to read the quote as it'll be written in Elfish, Sanskrit or Chinese.
The tiny homes (all adorable in an elfish way) and their occupants are so inspiring that T/NY would have benefited from more building and design how-to details to better equip viewers to take the plunge and downsize in a big way.
She seemed small and uncanny, elfish in her nightdress.
We booked the DJ, a hipster with slicked back hair and black cigarette pants tapered to elfish, pointy-toed shoes.
4 She ROCKS the 'power brow' Cara's elfish, bushy-browed gorgeousness has made her a sensation.
It is all written in good fun, tongue firmly planted in cheek, and with the gruesome bits lightened by such whimsical characters as the tiny elfish brownies Hakela carries about in a toy Winnebago to play rock music and take care of his dry cleaning.
I lean my face close to Josh's, and tilt one of my elfish ears toward him.
Neryn has the ability to see the Good Folk, an elfish people dwelling almost invisibly in the woods.