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usually good-naturedly mischievous


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In a 17 November 1923 article, "Gargoyles as Symbols" (DTL 472-73), he tells his Toronto readers that the gargoyles on Notre Dame are all grinning elfish fellows, except two of them with horrible visages on the northeast aspect "that looks towards Germany.
Feudal lords, capitalists and smugglers were dominating the country and exploiting its resources for elfish ends.
You won't be able to read the quote as it'll be written in Elfish, Sanskrit or Chinese.
4 She ROCKS the 'power brow' Cara's elfish, bushy-browed gorgeousness has made her a sensation.
The guiding principle of Elfish is to 'achieve communication', and to hell with grammar, syntax or vocabulary, let alone anything approaching elegance.
How did this young Ulsterman, a mop of black unruly curls framing an elfish urchin, countenance analogous of a truant or fruit scrumper become such an instantly recognisable global star known simply by his forename and filling the legendary footfall of Arnie, Jack, Seve and Tis ger?
Filian's monastery for healing, Lucy runs away to join the elfish Lady of the Lake.
His own brand of elfish, gobliny sound has survived two previous failed bands.
Flanked by high-end luxury stores in the mall's up scale Fashion Avenue, the glittering showroom boasts arches - on the ceiling and on the soles of the shoes - and elfish signature logos on the floor.
Beyond the shadow of the ship I watch'd the watersnakes: They mov'd in tracks of shining white; and when they rear'd, the elfish light Fell off in hoary flakes.
The Elfish Gene: Dungeons, Dragons, and Growing Up Strange" is the memoir of someone who was in no way the cool kid, someone who instead of doing normal things like defacing public property or having teen pregnancy scares, spent his hours believing he was an elf who went around stabbing dwarves in the face.
He and his friend Haruno investigate, and they are joined by Aoi, an elfish minstrel, and Gyoku, who types with a funny accent and wants to get the e-mail addresses of all the female avatars.
The elfish paparazzi claim that she says it's better to give than to receive, but she seems to be having a whole lot of fun shopping, dining and even having the occasional aged spirit in the famous neighborhood.
With elfish caprice, David Allison borrowed again from the exterior design motifs of the museum, whose marble medallions, made in 1899 by John Ross, represented the museum's antiquities collections and areas of research.
His fourth book, The Elfish Gene, is about his mis-spent adolescence playing Dungeons and Dragons.