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(formerly in Britain) an examination taken by 11 and 12 year old students to select suitable candidates for grammar school

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By this time I had taken the eleven-plus, the second war had broken out and that led to another chapter in another place.
Since I have never laid eyes on this kid, the fact that she has also passed her eleven-plus with flying colours hardly has me jumping up and down in delight.
Her mother insisted she wore a uniform despite the fact that like Will she had failed the eleven-plus and, as if to make up for it, her mother made her concentrate on her appearance, and there was always a sheen coming off her, her peachy cheeks, milky complexion, that groomed, ash-blonde hair especially.
The machine is the culmination of Unique's eleven-plus years of CNC machine experience and arches twice as fast as its earlier models.
ALMOST 200 pensioners have gone back to school - to resit their eleven-plus exams.
We have eleven-plus acres of pasture, a little woods and a creek.
I don't think primary school was too bad, but (and this will date me) when I passed the eleven-plus exam and went to the local grammar school I was suddenly the gawky, ugly girl from the estate, so never felt quite comfortable.
Sullivan failed his eleven-plus and left school at 15 with no qualifications.
And when she ruled out abolishing the Eleven-plus everywhere there were shouts of "Shame
However, the changes will have a "knock-on effect" as on average 40% of the total Year Six pupils in Wirral take the Eleven-Plus test for entry to the borough's non-Catholic grammar schools each year.
But it's worth recalling that 40 years ago pupils' secondary education could be decided by one life-changing exam, the eleven-plus, which left many young dreams in ruins.
Eleven-plus years later, the talk never gets old for him, he said.
ANOTHER stocking filler that has filled many a moment between Bruce Forsyth, cheese footballs and cheeky Vimtos this Christmas has been a small blue book called The Eleven-Plus Book: Genuine Exam Questions From Yesteryear.