elevator shaft

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a vertical shaft in a building to permit the passage of an elevator from floor to floor

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Connecting pins that can be inserted in either direction are a very practical feature, especially when the 85 LC tower has to be erected or taken down in an elevator shaft where room to manoeuvre is limited.
Injured woman was pulled from the elevator shaft by fire brigade.
Both gardai and the HSA were examining the elevator shaft.
The worker was carrying out the maintenance work on the third floor of the building when the elevator fell and trapped him between the lift and the elevator shaft walls, killing him.
He added that while EAC employees were busy replacing the transformer on Thursday, and while the hospital generators were in operation a number of power cuts occurred and smoke was seen coming from the elevator shaft.
The elevator shaft NPP is on the 36th floor, the NPP for the stairwells is on the 21st floor, and the location of the NPP of the building is on the 34th floor.
This water found its way into the elevator shaft, causing the safety protection systems in said elevators to engage.
Himmelstein said the Chetrits want to evict at least one of the apartments in order to install a new elevator shaft.
Summary: A man died Friday after falling down an elevator shaft in the Greater Beirut suburb of Dikwaneh, security sources said.
HOLLYWOOD -- An 89-year-old woman in an electric wheelchair became stuck in an elevator shaft Thursday when the chair forced open the door, authorities said.
I have, especially after a new story about some poor soul falling down an elevator shaft after the door had been left open or the elevator itself suddenly plummeting to the basement.
The bunker is reached through an elevator shaft more than 300ft deep, and there is an escape tunnel under the River Tigris protected by steel doors weighing three tons each.
In this application, one can simulate the performance of elevator shaft, stairwell, and stairwell vestibule pressurization systems, as well as systems that exhaust from the fire zone.
Moldow describes a project that stopped for six weeks when, upon digging through an 8-inch concrete slab to add an elevator shaft, contractors discovered a second slab (undetected despite due diligence in researching site history).