elevator shaft

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a vertical shaft in a building to permit the passage of an elevator from floor to floor

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Shareef says there are plenty of buildings in Male with empty, open elevator shafts along with staircases and terraces that are devoid of railings.
The particular situation illustrated in Figure 2 is not desirable because smoke distributed by the elevator shaft contaminates the floor spaces above the 16th floor regardless of the HRR of the fire.
Injured woman was pulled from the elevator shaft by fire brigade.
Both gardai and the HSA were examining the elevator shaft.
Major Ali Al Naqbi said the unfortunate event happened when the victim, a maintenance worker, died after he got stuck between the lift and the elevator shaft walls.
THE FIRST two floors of Limassol general hospital were evacuated on Thursday when smoke was seen coming from an elevator shaft after an emergency generator was being used following the malfunction of an Electricity Authority (EAC) transformer.
Himmelstein said the Chetrits want to evict at least one of the apartments in order to install a new elevator shaft.
Summary: A man died Friday after falling down an elevator shaft in the Greater Beirut suburb of Dikwaneh, security sources said.
A 27-year-old old Arab was= caught in an elevator shaft at a construction site.
But behind the scenes a lot of technical communication takes place between the elevator car, the controller at the top of the elevator shaft, and the call button you're patiently pushing in the lobby.
HOLLYWOOD -- An 89-year-old woman in an electric wheelchair became stuck in an elevator shaft Thursday when the chair forced open the door, authorities said.
This innovative type of elevator system features two cabs working independently of each other in one elevator shaft (hoistway), which provides increased performance while saving space in both new and existing buildings.
I have, especially after a new story about some poor soul falling down an elevator shaft after the door had been left open or the elevator itself suddenly plummeting to the basement.
The bunker is reached through an elevator shaft more than 300ft deep, and there is an escape tunnel under the River Tigris protected by steel doors weighing three tons each.