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It's not the sneering over women, Jews, blacks, elevator operators, anyone society deems beneath a white businessman's contempt, or the empathy that can come from him when he's-to-face with the very same people, the self-recognition of a man who strides through his office like a bully and hunches down in a theater as a fugitive from himself.
Remorseless or let us say unaware of his immoral actions, Baxter starts to develop feelings for Fran Kubelik (MacLaine, who never looked better on screen), the elevator operator at his company.
With Charlie his political career began as a Senate elevator operator during his college days at Georgetown University.
Immigrating to the United States in 1915 during his late teens, he, like so many Black people of the period, found his first job as an elevator operator in New York City.
This explains the famous story of Arthur Rubinstein playing works for the elevator operator in his Paris apartment building
The game contains real data from around the country, and the player becomes a grain elevator operator who must make decisions about storing and selling grain based on the futures market and past years' prices.
It is as though the kisser has given her eyes to see and then suddenly she notices the elevator operator.
The elevator operator gives him an "unpleasant" look.
one participant interpreted the drawing of women typing as "women touching stoves" and the picture of the elevator operator as "people inside a refrigerator".
I don't believe they knew it, but my father had worked for The Times as an elevator operator back in the 1930s.
Thanks to his friendship with Cyril, a communist elevator operator who conveniently bequeaths money to him, Greg enters Berkeley, where he becomes involved in, but not engulfed by, the free-wheeling drug-and-sex culture of the sixties.
His first job at the company was in a union position as a freight elevator operator.
2 digital X-ray equipment (digital flat panel ceiling pipe permanent recording x-ray equipment, laser receiver vertical stand and stationary egytE[micro]nkE[micro]s admissions desk Elevator Operator Workstation)
Full service pet friendly building has a doorman and elevator operator.
Hawley, for example, and she will tell you a story that took her from an elevator operator job to executive director of the city's Human Rights Commission, or the story of how she pushed former City Manager Francis McGrath to provide women with the same educational opportunities that men were receiving.