elevated railway

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a railway that is powered by electricity and that runs on a track that is raised above the street level

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The elevated railway project will connect Central Luzon's capital province, Malolos City, with downtown Manila, particularly Tutuban.
1km long elevated railway, opened in November 2010, and is notable for having the highest capacity - 72,000 passengers an hour - of any metro in the world.
This stretch of the elevated railway, which is still overgrown with self-seeded grasses and wildflowers that grew up when the freight trains stopped running in the 1980s, was donated by CSX Transportation, Inc.
laid out the grid of Manhattan; he also proposed an elevated railway and a route for the Erie Canal.
That planning and feasibility study was credited with rescuing the structure from demolition and advanced strategies for transforming an abandoned elevated railway structure on Manhattan's West Side into the vibrant public space it is today.
According to The Age, she is getting pop-star treatment in the exuberant, traffic-choked Thai capital where she is seeing a booming, sprawling city of skyscrapers, freeways, an elevated railway system and a skyline dotted with massive cranes.
It was the world's first electric elevated railway, the first railway to use an escalator and first to have automatic signals in the UK.
The first construction contracts, which include nine packages for the metro and elevated railway line, will be awarded next July.
Sportswear king Tommy staged his men's spring show in the early evening on the High Line, a section of former elevated railway converted into a park not far from the Hudson River.
The highlight of the transport system is an elevated railway that will facilitate the smooth flow of traffic inside the campus.
Plans for the elevated railway were discussed this week by representatives of Cardiff City Council and MonoMetro, a London company that has developed the system with the help of Saudi investors.
Three bereaved family members of two dead victims viewed the cars in Himeji, Hyogo, where four of the seven cars involved in the accident are maintained underneath the elevated railway tracks.
The land around intersection is a narrow right-of-way, wedged between an elevated railway abutment to the north and the waterfront.
Conveniently adjacent to the Metromover, the free elevated railway snaking through the civic core, the Carnival Center promises downtown revitalization of a kind Lincoln Center brought decades ago to New York's Upper West Side.
The down-at-the-heels salesman is not conspicuous, even among the passing suits and fashionable women, for there are other vendors under the elevated railway, a nether region of greasy spoons and the hard-up, a penumbra fringing the great white way of Ginza.