elevated railroad

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a railway that is powered by electricity and that runs on a track that is raised above the street level

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An essay by Karein Goertz and Mick Kennedy traces the route of the Stadtbahn (S-Bahn), the elevated railroad that circles Berlin, through its eastern and western sections, which was constructed over one hundred years ago and re-connected in 1990.
It stopped on some elevated railroad tracks that run through the property.
And general horseplay in the big fields around the place we lived, to include climbing on railroad tracks and dropping bombs (rocks) from the elevated railroad trestles above the river crossings.
5-kilometer elevated railroad in Tokyo's Setagaya Ward, ruling in favor of a residents' group that had expressed concerns about excessive noise.
I have a cousin who witnessed Kristallnacht: he was going into Berlin to go to school that day, so he was on the elevated railroad in the heart of the city, and he looked down and there was a fire.
Located in Manhattan's thriving Meatpacking District, the latest in hotelier Andre Balazs' collection of Standard Hotels stands commandingly above the High Line, the former elevated railroad undergoing redevelopment as a public park.
The area is under the elevated railroad tracks that run along the west side of the station.
Its transformation mirrors, in some ways, the far west side's trajectory of redevelopment: construction began on the southern end of the abandoned elevated railroad track and has extended north towards Midtown West.
Joshua David and Robert Hammond, whose vision and collaboration transformed the once derelict High Line elevated railroad into one of New York City's most unique parks, will receive the 2010 Jane Jacobs Medal for New Ideas and Activism.
AT A 1999 NEIGHBORHOOD MEETING in Manhattan's West Chelsea district, Robert Hammond (left) and Joshua David discovered a shared love for the High Line, a defunct elevated railroad that snakes along 22 blocks of the West Side.
They include why the officer approached the truck alone when there was a fellow officer close by; why the officer fired only one shot if he believed his life was in danger; whether Porter was first ordered to get out of the car and assume a safe position before the officer approached, and how the officer, as he approached the side of a truck parked on elevated railroad tracks shortly after midnight, was able to determine with reasonable confidence that the driver was raising a firearm.
pool halls, saloons, cheap night clubs, and elevated railroad stations.
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