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However, ancient DNA extracted from bones of two elephant birds held by the Museum of New Zealand, Te Papa Tongarewa, has revealed a close genetic connection with the kiwi, despite the striking differences in geography, morphology and ecology between the two.
Researchers believe New Zealand's kiwi and Madagascar's elephant bird descended from a small flying bird which may have flown from Antarctica long ago.
The elephant bird is the largest ever to have existed, standing at around 3.
2 -- color) Carl Thelander, director of the Camarillo-based Western Foundation of Vertebrate Zoology, holds the egg of an extinct elephant bird.
from=salesummary&intObjectID=5672781&sid=78b3dddb-e92c-4e52-a1df-e1ef5dc653a5#top) elephant bird egg measures 8 A3/4 in.
Such a relatively recent date confirms that the elephant bird existed alongside human beings for several hundred years.
The researchers' breakthrough also included recovery of DNA from the egg of the elephant bird of Madagascar, New Scientist reported.
They include as many as 17 lemur species - some of them as large as gorillas - as well as giant tortoises and the so-called elephant bird which was related to the ostrich and, standing 10 ft tall, weighed up to a tonne.
A dodo bone and an elephant bird egg are among the objects leading a natural history sale at Christie's auctioneers in April.
It was laid by the Great Elephant Bird of Madagascar and went on sale at the Chelsea Antiques Fair in London.
The elephant bird, 10-11ft in height and weighing up to 1,100lb, was the largest bird ever to have lived.
When researchers at the University of Texas at Austin recently performed a computerized tomography (CT) scan of an unbroken elephant bird egg, they discovered a tiny, dismembered skeleton.
This follows him as he returns to research the elephant bird, named after fanciful tales of it trapping the animals in its talons and flying away with them, and what caused its demise.
They have identified DNA from the elephant bird, a 19,000-year-old emu, and a giant Moa.
27lb is the weight of an elephant bird egg found in Madagascar in 1967.