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South African vine having a massive rootstock covered with deeply fissured bark

any plant of the genus Elephantopus having heads of blue or purple flowers

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BUTCHERED: Poster of animals on an airport carousel' SICK: Elephant's foot made into a stool
The lining wear profile, which resembled an elephant's foot, suggested that whatever causes the wear is selective to the lower part of the furnace.
The only thing I can remember is clearly seeing the sole of the elephant's foot, which must have come down on my leg.
The elephant's foot was literally a foot away from his head - we thought he was going to get stamped on.
Certain death drew near as the ponderous power of the elephant's foot came down upon the poor man's already inert body.
His foot was quite bad - it was like an elephant's foot.
The learners were shown a number of illegal items that had been stopped from passing the British borders, including a chair made from an elephant's foot.
If someone actually cut an elephant's foot off in Massachusetts, he or she could face a felony-level cruelty to animal charge, Sgt.
And presents for his services included a tiger's tooth encrusted with gold, an elephant's foot and a Kukri - a wooden shield that holds three knives.
an elephant's foot stickstand (pounds 40-pounds 60), or a bust of Churchill for the same price.
This included cheetah and tiger skins, ivory carvings, stuffed turtles and crocodile skin bags, as well as a stool made from an elephant's foot.
The result was premature lining failure occurred in the induction furnace in the form of elephant's foot wear in the taper section.