elephant's ear

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any plant of the genus Alocasia having large showy basal leaves and boat-shaped spathe and reddish berries

tropical South American tree having a wide-spreading crown of bipinnate leaves and coiled ear-shaped fruits

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I enjoyed a plate of calamari and chips and my friend's husband opted for the elephant's ear whereupon silence ensued on his part as he worked his way through this major portion and then pronounced he 'couldn't possibly eat another thing' before demolishing a second plate of chips.
We then compared this picture to the photo we'd taken of the elephant's ears and true enough--even though the video footage taken with a camcorder was quite grainy those of us who wanted to see the resemblance between the two elephant could certainly spot the similarities.
Dumb cane and elephant's ear, frequently seen as pot plants, contain a different poison which causes the mouth, tongue and throat to swell if consumed.
An African elephant's ear can weigh as much as 110 pounds and can grow to six feet high and four feet wide.
An African elephant's ear can be big enough to cover a twin bed
The moral implies that all are guilty, yet anyone, however small, is able to effect change, as explained in the story of the ant in the elephant's ear.
During the filming of Safari 8, which follows his progress in learning how to care for animals, he helped take blood from an elephant's ear, darted a lion and a buffalo and travelled around the Kruger Park game reserve in South Africa's "big country" to the north of the country.
Hardy choices for zones 8, 9, and 14-17 (unless noted) include bougainvillea (marginal in colder areas), canna, Cordyline australis, 'Black Magic' elephant's ear (after frost, dig up tubers in all but zones 14-17; apply mulch in zones 14 and 15), ginger lily (Hedychium), honey bush, Japanese banana (Musa basjoo), sago palm, Tasmanian tree fern.
For drama in garden beds, it's tough to beat 'Black Magic' elephant's ear (Colocasia esculenta).
What the sunflower is to the plains of America, elephant's ear is to the rain forests of tropical Asia.
Place a 6-foot-tall 'Black Magic' elephant's ear in a bed or border, for instance, and you have a striking focal point.
Known as elephant's ears for the shape of its foliage, its thick green leaves are also tough like an elephant's hide.
WITH their large, leathery, oval leaves, it's easy to see why bergenias are called elephant's ears.
An African elephant's ears look like the shape of the continent of Africa.