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The real reason for this is that man-killing means, sooner or later, the arrival of white men on elephants, with guns, and hundreds of brown men with gongs and rockets and torches.
In Abyssinia is likewise found the rhinoceros, a mortal enemy to the elephant.
Toward the northwest Korak guided his huge mount, until they came out upon the river a mile or more above the Swede's camp, at a point where Korak knew that there was an elephant ford.
Fogg, the animal's instruction in this direction had not gone far, and the elephant still preserved his natural gentleness.
He thought he saw an Elephant, That practised on a fife: He looked again, and found it was A letter from his wife.
Not a woman of our village would look at him, They'd sooner marry the elephant,"
Then one day the young elephant saw the half-buried iron, and turning to the elder said: "What is this?
Up-stream, at the bend of the sluggish pool round the Peace Rock, and Warden of the Water Truce, stood Hathi, the wild elephant, with his sons, gaunt and gray in the moonlight, rocking to and fro--always rocking.
There were tigers and elephants and bears and wolves and foxes and all the others in the natural history, and for a moment Dorothy was afraid.
All down the line I had kept an eye for suspicious characters with an eye upon me; but even my self-consciousness failed to discover one; and I reached my haven of peace, and of fresh fell air, feeling, I suppose, much like any other fool who has spent his money upon a white elephant.
The elephant was now making some headway, and soon reached a clearing where his whole body could be seen.
I had been up elephant hunting beyond Bamangwato, and had met with bad luck.
We will say then, that Quasimodo loved the archdeacon as never a dog, never a horse, never an elephant loved his master.
Kala had moved slowly along an elephant track toward the east, and was busily engaged in turning over rotted limbs and logs in search of succulent bugs and fungi, when the faintest shadow of a strange noise brought her to startled attention.
Closer came the sound that had attracted Tarzan's attention and now the others heard it--the shrill trumpeting of an elephant.