element 110

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a radioactive transuranic element

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The discovery of element 111 caps a remarkable season for the Darmstadt lab, which in November found element 110 (SN: 11/26/94, p.
An isotope of element 110 with an atomic weight of 269 made its debut in Germany (146: 356).
Researchers at GSI, the center for heavy ion research in Darmstadt, reported evidence last week of an isotope of element 110, with an atomic mass of 269.
So far the heaviest element claimed by any researchers in the field is element 110, which has been the object of experiments by a Dubna group led by Yuri Oganessian.
All elements heavier than uranium that have been found so far are subject to radioactive decay, but there is a strong hope that somewhere above element 110 there is a range of stable or relatively stable elements.