element 106

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a transuranic element

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In Chapter 7, "Classification of the Elements," Habashi details the evolution of the periodic system from its precursors, through Mendeleev's periodic law and later modifications, to discoveries of elements through element 106.
In 1997, Seaborg was the first living chemist to have an element named after him - seaborgium, element 106.
In 1993, Hoffman and other scientists confirmed the reality of element 106.
Researchers at Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory (LBL) and Lund University in Sweden have developed a CD-ROM that holds the bibliographic data for every important paper published on nuclear structure since 1910--from early studies by Ernest Rutherford, discoverer of the atomic nucleus, to recent experiments on seaborgium, the newly-named element 106.
In March, discoverers of element 106 announced plans to name it after their mentor, 82-year-old Nobel laureate Glenn T.