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On the one hand, a self-authored epitaph evades the middle-class tradition of elegizing and sentimentalizing the achievements of the working classes, as in a poem every literate reader knew, Gray's "Elegy.
Elegizing and crying relatives of the victim paid their respect in front of the lined coffins during the ceremony.
Gunn confronts this nebulous "whatever" of an origin by representing his mother's words, spoken to him, in "My Mother's Pride" and by elegizing her in "The Gas-poker.
3) Auden had written that in January 1939, elegizing W.
But the record and celebration of women's sorrow in an elegy raises this emotion from expected poetic mode to something higher; because of the value invested in elegizing, feminine sorrow now transcends its earthly realm.
Moving between herself and Tighe to all women poets, Hemans firmly establishes not only an elegizing authority for women, but also the agency required to move beyond cultural restrictions.
Hemans" (32) resists the elegizing impulse as much as her opening address does.
Elegizing this unsung yet redemptively best-selling, creative soul, Wolfe seems to be vicariously nursing his grudge against meanies who dismiss his own ecriture as merely popular and not serious Art.
In poems like "Casualty" Heaney honors the dead by elegizing members of his Catholic community, but also rebukes its terms and ethics by celebrating a man who renounced 'tribal' expectations, and died as a result.
The description of art as 'long' might, in this context, suggest a lack of decorum in taking deceitful contrivance to such length, and the contrast to the brevity of life (especially that of Hastings) underlines the lack of tact and propriety in elegizing at such length.
insight: it is not by elegizing the Poet, pretending to contain death in
In elegizing her, then, the task of original-preservation becomes as pressing as the task of self-solace.
Juliot, the church in whose shadow he first met Emma-it becomes clear that, as he goes about elegizing his estranged wife, he takes certain poetic steps to reverse the process of architectural construction.
Wordsworth tried to write several poems elegizing his brother, but most of them are unremarkable: personally sincere but poetically unmoving, or, at the opposite extreme, fragmentary attempts overcome by too-strong emotions.