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compose an elegy

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239-40) elegizes a Romantic poetry thought of as bound up with celebration of 'pure natural joy' (II.
Arnold elegizes in the poem, recording cultural and imaginative losses.
Sally Thomas's thoughtful "Choice" elegizes the death of an aborted child.
John Guillemin's 1978 cut of Agatha Christie's Death on the Nile elegizes ironically no less poignantly than 2011's suspects confronting Armageddon.
In "Beethoven, Opus 111" Clampitt elegizes her father by linking him via a series of verse paragraphs across geography and time to one of history's greatest composers:
Additionally, "Breaking Ground" elegizes his aunt, with whom he lived after his mother's death, suggesting a double-grief of mother and surrogate, and trusting in the "dispersal" of the aunt's identity into his own (Collected Poems 305).
See "The Violent Life" that elegizes Pasolini's "beautiful Marxist head/smashed" by "the lout's crude wooden bat" (Fornalutx 58), and see "Fellini" that lauds the director's "fate": "by art alone to modulate human grief/into a cry so sad, so strange, men call it rapture" (wpj 2004, 187).
When the score echoes through the opening montage of Manhattan's disfigured skyline, it both elegizes all that is absent in the post-9/11 moment--comfort, complacence, symbolic edifice, and several thousand lives--and calls forth a new, abiding and spectral American fear.
Skeen elegizes his younger brother, Ernie, shot at a young age.