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compose an elegy

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I read "Death's Door," an elegy for AIDS victims, as a failed attempt to elegize Gunn's mother, who briefly appears in the poem as mythological (Collected Poems 485).
And because you have no husband to elegize you, no one will remember or mourn you.
In a hundred ages of the gods, I could not tell thee of the glories of the Himalaya," elegize Hindu texts.
Book art estranges the legible in order to elegize its vanishing material basis.
In this new collection, Langan is clearly developing his considerable gift to elegize the fragmented, desperate, and soulful American poetic voice on the cusp of the twenty-first century.
23) Yet despite the guise of the supernatural that the doomed barons, counts, dukes, and marquises of Tarchetti's fiction don to elegize a pre-industrial, aristocratic era the conclusion, in which gypsies are implicated in Arturo's murder, exposes the author's true, ideological bent--toward social realism and the portrayal of class struggle.
These writers do not construct themselves as overcome or consumed by grief and they do very little to elegize or memorialize the dead in their texts.
Where Welty uses multiple stories to elegize Miss Eckhart, Justice captures the melancholy decline of his mentors in a few lines:
Next, abandoning the anecdotal quality he finds inevitable in his painting of the human figure, and finding the "elegiac" aspect of his own work in questionable taste, Steiner has set out to "reinvent" still life, preferring to elegize the object, the horse or the empty room, in order to play with the concept of the aura which fascinates him in Benjamin.
While Dehkhoda, for instance, uses a lesser-known traditional form, the mosammat, to elegize an executed revolutionary journalist, Aref employs the ghazal, "the most central genre within the lyrical tradition" (p.
Although Pope had to hand the perfect material to allow him to laugh and to elegize at the same time, his task was not therefore perfectly easy.
And there is interesting material on such less canonical works as Southey's The Curse of Kehama ('to the Ramayana what the Brighton Pavilion is to the Taj Mahal') and Medwin's Indian works, which elegize the earlier more sympathetic orientalist approach and finally begin to endorse the new, mainly post-1830 'aggression towards Indian culture enhanced by disdain rather than problematized by desire'.
36) Why 'Fuscus' would elegize him, in however witty a manner, is unclear.
All of Aeneas's "adventures" serve to reveal the future or to elegize the past: they are important as symbolic figures rather than as action and event.