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compose an elegy

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I read "Death's Door," an elegy for AIDS victims, as a failed attempt to elegize Gunn's mother, who briefly appears in the poem as mythological (Collected Poems 485).
They will be on our list to elegize and then we will forget as we move farther and farther ahead; we'll leave the books to be swallowed whole by the past.
endure, it seems especially apt to elegize Washington by re-writing his
It was not Yeats's unfamiliarity with Catholic experience that bothered Kinsella, however; rather it was his choice to elegize, masterfully and powerfully Kinsella finds, the Anglo-Irish historic tradition, a way of life that was over in Ireland before Yeats set his mind and art to treat it.
Experimental filmmaker Bill Morrison's recent show, which centered on the feature-length Decasia, 2002, fell into alignment with this convergence; Morrison's films, which use decayed footage as medium and metaphor, elegize the avantgarde tradition even as they make the case for its continued relevance.
In their desire both to return to the past and to secure the present, the poems display an urge to elegize a life that has not ended.
Twenty artists, each working within the margins of cultural disenfranchisement, point fingers at the viewer as perpetrator, or elegize the voiceless, nameless, faceless Other.
How did you come to take these routes as ways to elegize lost friends?
How long then must we elegize the supposed rift between the world and words?
Skeen elegizes his younger brother, Ernie, shot at a young age.
See "The Violent Life" that elegizes Pasolini's "beautiful Marxist head/smashed" by "the lout's crude wooden bat" (Fornalutx 58), and see "Fellini" that lauds the director's "fate": "by art alone to modulate human grief/into a cry so sad, so strange, men call it rapture" (wpj 2004, 187).
When the score echoes through the opening montage of Manhattan's disfigured skyline, it both elegizes all that is absent in the post-9/11 moment--comfort, complacence, symbolic edifice, and several thousand lives--and calls forth a new, abiding and spectral American fear.
Sally Thomas's thoughtful "Choice" elegizes the death of an aborted child.
John Guillemin's 1978 cut of Agatha Christie's Death on the Nile elegizes ironically no less poignantly than 2011's suspects confronting Armageddon.
However, if Wordsworth elegizes and offers difficult comfort, and Shelley drives on, questioning remorselessly, Arnold holds fast to a less subjective sense that 'The world is what it is, for all our dust and din' (l.