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Chapter six closes with a detailed and provocative reading of Whitman's "When Lilacs Last in the Dooryard Bloom'd," suggesting that it is a "critique of elegy's ability to reenact the national community of sympathy whose loss Whitman and other Lincoln elegists deplored" (18).
How women poets face death and how their elegists evaluate this final confrontation is an intrinsic aspect of both the dialogue between poets and the values they seek to engage.
23) 'Ruin' is used twice to describe England in the Interregnum in a poem on the Restoration of Charles II by another of Hastings's elegists, Thomas Higgons, 'A Panegyrick to the King.
Holzberg portrays the early Roman elegists as reactionaries against what they saw happening to their upper-class Roman society under Augustus's elimination of the Republic.
Asks Solbrig, "Are we not already reminded in this poem of the elegist who felt himself moved by the tremendum of poetic inspiration at Duino Castle?
Brodsky is perceived as an elegist in the general sense that he records the collision of fact (meaning history and death) with value, which is found only in language.
However, even if poetic composition is no novelty to the elegist, to suppose that his wonted genre is dramatic poetry may seem unwarranted on two grounds.
Raucci (classics, Union College) explores the role of vision in ancient Roman love elegy, focusing on how elegists such as Tibullus, Propertius, and Ovid engaged in an appropriation of Roman visual culture and Roman cultural modes of seeing in their elegies, building her readings on the ancient Roman understandings of the eye and vision and thus reconstructing the elegists use of the eye and vision within their contemporary context familiar to the readers of the elegies.
subject and object of African American elegists, the importance of Paul
The "most polished and elegant" of the Roman elegists (so
In the past decades the handling of Greek 'models' in for instance Roman epic, Roman comedy, Catullus and his predecessors, the Augustan elegists, and others, has often been the subject of intense study.
Aside from professional elegists, most women memorialize their dead by singing their own dirges, which are then chanted by many other people.
Neo-Latin elegists, Italian Petrarchists, and the poets of the Pleiade alike found night inseparable from their dreams of amatory conquest or frustration.
Containing papers presented at Langford Seminars of the Department of Classics of Florida State University as well as supplementary articles, this collection includes research on Greek and Roman poetry and historiography with topics such as poetry from Plato to Plutarch, the legal and social framework of Cistellaria, the ancient etymology of Carmen, the roles of Hercules and Augustus in Propertius, the structure of argument in Lucretius, the transition from opposition to assent amongst the Elegists, and problems in text and interpretation in Juvenal's Satire.
Gunn's poems often follow the manner of Roman elegists in speaking from within a dramatic context; equally, he subtly cultivates an array of personae so close to one another--and to himself-that one is disinclined to acknowledge their artifice (despite the craft in evidence).