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expressing sorrow often for something past

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Certainly, Cunliffe in his closing chapter considers this thought as he elegiacally recalls encountering an elderly traveller on a road in Sussex who was making for Kent.
The "innocence" that Michael Billington in his Guardian review claimed was "corrupted" and elegiacally studied: Where was it?
This means one does not accept the future as necessarily better than present or past; indeed, one can look back elegiacally, as Rexroth does, to times like Greek antiquity and certain ages in China, when men lived fuller and more harmonious lives than we do, and one may be instructed by the looking back.
El tango" expresses a nostalgic longing for people, places, and times that survive epically and elegiacally in the music the poet seeks to recreate.
After providing a synopsis of most mothers' troubling experiences and limited options in the predominantly man's world of Greek and Latin literature (even those men who whine elegiacally about their dominae), Lateiner analyzes seven assertive mothers of Hellenic narrative provenance in the Metamorphoses.
In the oscillation between, on the one hand, an official condemnation of primitive aesthetic expenditure haunting the productive European body as a destabilizing revenant and, on the other, the mourning for a native display of ornamental sumptuousness elegiacally portrayed in its extinction, a middle ground is offered by Paolo Mantegazza, for whom the refashioning of nature along the lines of art as a process of sheer expenditure--exemplified by the tattoo--constitutes a viable cultural model able to question the hegemony of European materialism and moralism.
Over 20 years later, in the aftermath of the Cold War, Roth revisits this battleground in American Pastoral, at a time in popular culture when Roth's "most propagandized generation" has been elegiacally remythologized as members of Tom Brokaw's "the greatest generation.
Owen Wister] wrote elegiacally, as Mark Twain had written of the Old Mississippi (.
While Beowulf never becomes conscious of his shadow, he does have a moment in the epic when he waxes elegiacally about the waste of men in the never-ending revenge wars so important to his culture and the masculine ego.
the profound story ends elegiacally as a sort of apology for that Imperial favorite.
Time, Banfield writes, eventually brings this reality home to every I, in the death that severs it from the world; and art elegiacally clothes this grim truth in beauty, as Mrs.
If Kernan looks back to the past too elegiacally and Kolodny to the future too fearfully, Karabell recognizes that "the strength of American higher education is its variety, and any attempts to homogenize the experience are not only bound to fail but also undermine the system's strengths.
21) The beloved of Lauro (Lorenzo), Ambra was pursued by the river-god, Ombrone, but before he could have his way with her, she was metamorphosed into rock, the very stone upon which Lorenzo's villa elegiacally rises, a memorial to this lost love.
Just as the crazed chivalry and cold selfishness of the European monarchs and their followers have brought blood and terror into the forest, so has the fatuous and hypocritical sexual ethic of the young soldier and his ilk helped destroy the possibility of inter-racial love But this possibility has at least been glimpsed, in the tension between himself and Cora, or the attraction of Cora and Uncas, and is elegiacally lamented in the deep but sterile connection between Hawk-eye and Chingachgook.
These were, the script elegiacally relates, 'youths, their bodies overflowing with life.