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expressing sorrow often for something past

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Parreno's unnervingly blank, glowing marquees seem to elegiacally acknowledge the likely demise of the movie theater, where spectators could sit down in the dark, fix their eyes on a monumental screen, and find themselves transported almost anywhere, anywhere out of the world.
61) The realization of nature's healing power is forcefully present in many passages in The Emigrants and The Beachy Head, but such power is either located in an elegiacally viewed past or remains at best potential for the sentimental subject weighed down by oppressive social forces and her own sympathetic suffering.
We've reached a point where our most important elites do not join anything with anybody else," says Theda Skocpol, a professor of government at Harvard who wrote elegiacally about the history of membership groups and fraternal organizations in her book Diminished Democracy.
The poem, rooted in the historical event, is elegiacally filigreed in lines reminiscent of T.
Its meditative footage veers from water going over a falls, to a beautiful young woman being caressed by her lover, to an older woman putting on makeup or elegiacally at work in her garden, where her younger self later appears.
In Eleven Planets, the self has vanished into its other, more elegiacally, and "flight" has reached 1492, the year of "the Atlantic banners of Columbus" and "the Arab's last exhalation" in Granada.
Just another dead fag to you," she sings, addressing some intolerant outsider, but then overrides this elegiacally with "I'm glad you're on my side.
It is traipsed across by departed icons treated philosophically, rather than elegiacally, inserted into a stream of cultural ficures stretching its long fingers into the sedimentary rock of human existence.
This means one does not accept the future as necessarily better than present or past; indeed, one can look back elegiacally, as Rexroth does, to times like Greek antiquity and certain ages in China, when men lived fuller and more harmonious lives than we do, and one may be instructed by the looking back.
While Beowulf never becomes conscious of his shadow, he does have a moment in the epic when he waxes elegiacally about the waste of men in the never-ending revenge wars so important to his culture and the masculine ego.
As to Catalonian nationalism, its origin was linked to the ideological programme of the Reinaxenca, a conservative movement which recreated elegiacally the medieval Catalonian past, mythicized ancestral values and recommended the rediscovery of rural life.
If Kernan looks back to the past too elegiacally and Kolodny to the future too fearfully, Karabell recognizes that "the strength of American higher education is its variety, and any attempts to homogenize the experience are not only bound to fail but also undermine the system's strengths.