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expressing sorrow often for something past

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Brokeback Mountain could be set in the East, I guess, though it wouldn't be as poignant and poetic and elegiacal.
The elegiacal, the serious, the ceremonial, do not hold for the Immortals.
1) Baudelaire's fascination with the power and energy of Delacroix's work permeates all his articles about him, especially the elegiacal obituary essay published shortly after Delacroix's death in 1863.
McCann, who died in July, is well remembered for his role in John Huston's elegiacal film ``The Dead.
Aggresively smeared, their imagery evoked a cartoon ghost town - burning ships, empty ballrooms, vacated thrones - and lent the foundation's industrial cloister an elegiacal aura (not unfitting for a space closing for good next June).