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expressing sorrow often for something past

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During the nineteenth century, both the cultural milieu and the literary conventions of evangelical and elegiacal writing contributed to the celebration of the good and holy death.
In the elegiacal poem, possession of Prince in America becomes a symbolic and uplifting marker other freedom in Africa rather than of her enslavement in the New World.
McCann, who died in July, is well remembered for his role in John Huston's elegiacal film ``The Dead.
Before we left Princeton, he rooted through the letters he keeps in a shoe box -- letters from an oddball collection of fans and groupies, critics and psychos, everywhere from Denmark to New Zealand, everyone from angry rabbis demanding the brain for burial to elegiacal schoolkids cutely waxing juvenile about trying to figure out relativity -- and called a woman named Sarah Gonzalez, someone he doesn't know but who had written to him a few years ago randomly asking for a piece of the brain.
Aggresively smeared, their imagery evoked a cartoon ghost town - burning ships, empty ballrooms, vacated thrones - and lent the foundation's industrial cloister an elegiacal aura (not unfitting for a space closing for good next June).
But elegiacal pic did win last year's Golden Lotus prize for best feature in that country's National Film Awards--the fourth such win for helmer Girish Kasaravalli.
But rest assured, at Worcester, this is not the case at all and the first play of a two-part evening, Lance Woodman's The Same River, takes a delicate elegiacal view of the Stokes family in August 1914.