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expressing sorrow often for something past

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11) I agree with Hasenfratz and Bridges that Satan inhabits a sympathetic subject position evoked by motifs of exile and penance, (12) but this does not clarify how the poem or its readers might negotiate the inevitable tension between empathy for the subject position invited by elegiac tropes and antipathy towards the subject who inhabits it.
Gold considers the presence of silence and silencing in literature and the power structures enmeshed in silence, arguing that elegiac women are often silenced by the poet and the genre, even when they are speaking.
orderly, processional, into chapel," ties the schoolyard to the battlefield, a connection that calls into question the place of order and control in the elegiac tradition (Woolf 2006,23).
The intensity of Smith's early homage to Petrarch becomes diluted as Elegiac Sonnets expands through seven more editions and a second volume before her death in 1806.
Texas poet Joe Brundidge, who also performs as Element615, has an amazing tender streak running through his poetry, whether it's on the elegiac "Raffiki" or the fatherly "Applesauce.
In the most typically elegiac 'Mahlerian' Andante movement, the gracefully sweeping strings were allowed to flow at a speed that avoided sentimentality.
By adhering to and diverging from these established literary precepts, elegiac poets have continually managed to revive and resurrect poetry about death.
His deep regard for heroic, historic structures and the people and processes that transform them gives his work a beautifully tender, elegiac quality.
The elegiac prism I offer, however, exposes Addie Bundren's grotesque funeral procession in this novel as the slow and painful process of the survivors to establish a new relationship to the world following a loss.
Which makes Jonathan Demme's elegiac documentary, about a Nashville concert Young gave shortly after the removal of a brain tumor, something to treasure.
1-25) Jordan Harrison's elegiac and absurd look at the intersections of memory and desire, centering on mysterious goings-on in a natural history museum.
An elegiac comedy that deals with cultural and personal decline and loss, the film ends on an uplifting note, as the lowly Hindu schoolteacher is entrusted with the dying Muslim poet's final manuscript.
That said, the legendary bard's new album Dear Heather is both a statement that will thrill long-time fans and an elegiac possible final chapter of a unique life's work.
One of the things I've noticed in going over your work yet again, is that there's a strongly elegiac thematic in it from the very beginning--for instance, you have very early in Wind Thoughts the elegy "Miriam"; you have "Finis" there, which is for your husband; you have an elegy for Lois Adrian Miller.
The author's elegiac style adds to the book's melancholic tone but helps readers to imagine what cannot now be seen.