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refined, effortless beauty of manner, form, and style

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Rather than the sound Scriptural doctrine and plain Christian morality, the paganized aristocrats expected stunning orations modeled after Ficino's Platonic Academy, full of verbal elegancy and lavish philosophical quotations, with an occasional obscenity or a coarse joke, like their favorite preacher Fra Mariano delivered to entertain his audiences.
He also says that it depends on the creativity of fashion designers to combine elegancy and modesty in a woman's dress.
Men and women's elegancy and manners have become a product of contemporary society.
Project planning and control is an art form and art requires creativity, ingenuity, innovation, elegancy and discipline and tools such as software, forms and instructions are secondary priorities.
Kempinski Royal Maxim Palace has been constructed by Royal Maxim Holding on a total area of 25,000 sq m, with its Swedish unique design and timeless elegancy.
With its Swedish unique design and timeless elegancy, Kempinski Royal Maxim Palace has been constructed by Royal Maxim Holding on a total area of 25,000 sq m.
These differences are convenience, comfort, elegancy, freshness and luster.
When I first approached juvenile books published in the United States five years ago (many of them manufactured and shipped over from the People's Republic of China notwithstanding), I was excited to see ethnic Chinese and their culture portrayed in juvenile fiction, informational books, and exquisitely illustrated Chinese folktales conveying an aura of age-oldness and elegancy.
A look inside reveals a opulent interior in palace like elegancy.
2) If the face is the bodily location in which "the elegancy of the humane nature doth most appear," the countenance also alters because it "bewraieth the disposition of the will"; it is, in other words, a mirror of the inner nature or character.
The light now belongs to the porcelain and we perceive that while the work manifests its strong character with all of its elegancy, it also expresses how fragile it could be.